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3, Ryoke, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi


The appearance 2020 build! It blows and is attractive jam-packed Properties such as L-shape Terrace, abundant storing spaciously. Please confirm it locally!

The appearance There is relatively little traffic of the front road and, for a residential area, is not worried about the noise, too.

Living It blows, and there is living! I direct the living room where families gather more more brightly in the opening-like space.

Living and dining room You secure about 17 tatami in LDK and can install the furniture having margin.

Kitchen A strong friend of the busy housework, with dishwasher! As space is secured well, is only back space, a storing power◎

Kitchen An opening-like island kitchen counter open counter type! As the money part comes to hide, I am not worried about the work in the visitor, too.

Washing face room The washstand of the TWIN line type light to light up well from both sides so that the shadow is not made in a face! There is counter storing in not only the back of the mirror but also the washstand other side and is available clearly.

Bathroom With bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function! The place equipped with a water supply is an errand very neatly, too.

Restroom (1st) The restroom is in two places.

Restroom (2nd floor) With hanging closet as for the storing power◎

Western-style room (about 4.5 quires) As there are not the needles such as ceilings, unlike Mansion, it is available as a room of enough area. How about as a room for the at-home work?

Storeroom (about 6.0 quires) Because the notation top becomes the storeroom, but there are about six quires, use top profit けます enough as a room.

Western-style room (about 5.2 quires) It is a room of the 3rd floor. Of course there is the closet, too!

Western-style room (about 7.1 quires) It is about 7.1 quires of rooms facing the L-shape Terrace. For with walk-in closet, you can use the room clearly more effectively.

Terrace (3rd floor) L-shape Terrace of the space such as the private Terrace. In the secret base of the child, the relaxation space of adult can use it for various uses.

The entrance It is the entrance of a certain space area. The entrance mirror takes part in not only the appearance check before the outing but also the creation of the larger entrance space.

The entrance There are both the entrance storing and the cloakroom space where a counter or Court playing an active part as not only the ◎ shoes case but also a key holder and interior are hung.

Front road There is little traffic of the front road and is not worried about the noise to be at the position that I received for one from the main street.

Kizaki Elementary School (about 600m) It is the elementary school which is full of seasonal green proud of history foundation 140 years or more.

Kizaki Junior High School (about 580m) It is the maintained junior high school of the big ground. The club activities are possible at ease, too!

Seven-Eleven Ryoke shop (about 420m) The convenience store which is convenient at the time of sudden shopping expedition is within walking distance!

FamilyMart Urawa Ryoke one order eyes shop (about 410m) When there is it, I have a convenient convenience store of a plural number within the range of Walk all the time.

COMO D Iida Kitaurawa store (about 930m) As it is completely equipped the Parking lot, I am reliable at the time of bulk buying.

JA Kisaki, Saitama ぐるめ U.S. land (about 480m) A direct sale place proud of the JA's greatest scale! I have local fresh farm products or cut flowers abundantly.

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