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4, Buzo, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi


The appearance It catches the sun from South on oneself and is an extensive duplex house nestling in the quiet residential area.

The appearance photograph

The appearance photograph

Parking lot The garden is usable widely in large car space, too.

Wood deck Comfortable sunlight is taken on Wood deck facing the south side.

Bicycle parking lot The space is in the bicycle parking lot well. There is the storeroom in the garden, too, and the indoor space is enlarged.

Storeroom The cleaning articles of the garden are packable, too.

Front road

Front road

Front road

The entrance There are two entrances in a duplex house.

The entrance The storing can support a visitor let alone a family flexibly widely at the abundant entrance, too.

Living (the second floor) It is living of about 13.2 tatami of the 2nd floor. I direct space feeling good with sunlight from the opening-like south side.

Living (there is a furniture image) It is a use example of the living of about 13.2 tatami of the 2nd floor. I direct space feeling good with sunlight from the opening-like south side.

Western-style room (the second floor) It is about 7.5 quires of Western-style rooms where the both sides have a window, and the sunlight comes in.

Western-style room (the second floor) It is a Western-style room of the 2nd floor with storage space.

Washing face room (the second floor) It is a storing-rich washing face room.

Bathroom (the second floor) It can soak in a bathtub at ease in a certain space bathroom.

Restroom (2nd floor) It is a rest room of the 2nd floor settled down of the floor of the grain of wood.

Terrace In Southeast, L-shape Terrace facing the Southwest, I can use the space widely.

Living (the first floor) Exposure to the sun is well warm and is a living room of the family pleasure of home life with the presence of mind on the first floor.

Living (the first floor) The living room on the first floor is connected to the kitchen and faces the Japanese-style room.

Kitchen The kitchen where a lot of openings have a space balances good ventilation with easy housework.

Japanese-style room (the first floor) The Japanese-style room with the presence of mind brings slow daily life.

Western-style room (the first floor) It is two windows and abundant Western-style room of the storing.

Western-style room (the first floor) The each room has storing.

Washing face room (the first floor) The stock of the cleaning article is put in the storing in a convenient washstand with richness, too.

Bathroom (the first floor) Extensive bathroom heals one-day fatigue.

Restroom (the first floor) A handrail is on and is a rest room being aware of barrier-free.

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