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2, Daitakubo, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi


The appearance The south side and the east side of the site have good authority of sun ・ style together for a passage.

LDK An incline ceiling of 天井髙 3.3m (the highest score) creates opening-like space. Bright sunlight comes in through the window which there are four.

LDK Even if there is a child in Plan with a few blind spots, I am reliable. The window handrail which I served as sets up the exterior and considers safety.

LDK In a compact housework line of flow, I minimize the climbing up and down of stairs.

Kitchen The island kitchen counter open kitchen which can look around the living room. The completed dishes are displayed on the deep counter.

Kitchen It is area to be able to pass each other enough even if I put a cupboard and a refrigerator. It is completely equipped with the floor lower storing ・ dishwasher, too.

Kitchen It is the sink of the wide type. As the money part comes to hide, I am not worried about the work in the visitor, too.

The second-floor Japanese-style room I installed an eco-carat in the wall. It is a discerning design melting into a Japanese-style room. With a deep closet, even as to storing is reliable.

Bathroom It is with the bathroom dryer of the outstanding performance in the rainy season. The bathtub of the bench type takes part in saving water.

Washstand With a bowl without the faucet ・ joint with the top as for the cleaning easily. The moisture measures are perfect by an eco-carat, too.

Restroom The small window which is convenient for ventilation is with it. Even if put a decoration on the counter; excellent; do it, and is usable as storage space.

Service space (about 8.0 quires) As I am able to afford even if I display beds, it is available as master bedroom.

Wood deck The Wood deck which can go in and out of the bedside. How is reading while feeling a season?

The back of the western hut storing It is about 5.8 quires of space. Other than storing, it seems to be useful as an amusement place of the child. I added an insulation material to the garret.

Terrace I can go in and out of living and a Japanese-style room, the two directions. With Terrace roof of the Clear panel.

The appearance The second-floor part is four stylish windows.

The appearance A person weak in a background is reliable because I can strike back using a passage and the agreement ground.

The entrance The decoration pillar in consideration for design keeps privacy as a blindfold. There is a delivery to home box.

Parking space I can store the bicycle in a carport with the length in addition, too.

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Address 2, Daitakubo, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama > GoogleMap