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Takashimadaira second house Building No. 10

Condominium Unit

The appearance It is the room of the 5 stories above the ground ・ 2nd floor part.

The appearance The big community of 770 whole housing complex Total Units!

Terrace The opening-like Terrace has good view and takes solar warm warmth at the full blast.

View The laundry which caught solar Hikari and the refreshing wind dries in no time, and a smell of the sun seems to be felt when I am busy.

Administrative office A condominium site is inner and is an administrative office.

Garbage place A condominium site is inner and is a garbage place.

Bicycle parking lot It is the bicycle parking lot with the roof in the condominium site.

Passage As it is paved well, I can pass it comfortably even if I go by stroller and bicycle.

Park in the site A park is in the site and can be refreshed casually♪

Park in the site It is Characteristics of the large housing complex that can grow up together amicably without many children asking age.

Open space in the site A child has a lot of curiosity. I play outside, and there is the interchange with the person of the Address and. Surrounding environment supporting the growth of such a child is fulfilling.

The appearance It is a range to the elementary and junior high school in a 10-minute walk!

The appearance The house environment where there is a space for the everyday walk to realize a calm living wrapped in Area blessed with comfortable green naturally is set. I seem to be able to live relievedly while feeling green moisture.

The appearance It is the house environment that is easy to live because there are a lot of convenience facilities within the range of a 10-minute walk. It is convenient for child care♪

The appearance It is Address featuring the site that is full of green! I seem to be able to live at ease.

Itabashi City Takashima third Junior High School (about 590m)

Floor plan
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Surrounding map

Address 3, Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo > GoogleMap