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Wakagi royal Corpo

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

About 5.9 quires of LDs Sunlight comes in through a Southeast Orientation opening, and warm space spreads out.

The appearance A renovation of the interior was completed in August, 2023.

Entrance We cope with a unit so that a customer can talk in peace. Please feel free to contact us.

Entrance If it may be uneasy not to understand the Buying of the house, please connect with us.

Bicycle parking lot Even if it rains in the bicycle parking lot with the roof, I am reliable.

The entrance It becomes the entrance with the light with a feeling of person sensor.

The entrance storing I seem to be able to store many shoes.

About 5.9 quires of LDs It seems to be in the place where families gather if the bright living that a day from Terrace inserts is natural.

About 5.9 quires of LD storing It is the storing with the shelf which is available for height adjustment.

Terrace I can dry laundry on a fine day.

Independent washstand I enter at the entrance and become the immediate independence washstand.

Independent washstand The storing is glad of a Many point, too.

About 4.0 quires of Western-style rooms It becomes about 4.0 quires of Western-style rooms with the big storing.

About 4.0 quires of Western-style rooms It seems to be usable by various uses including a work room and the bedroom.

About 4.0 quires of Western-style room storing Even if baggage increases in a big closet, I am reliable.

View The view from 4th floor is good, and it is comfortable.

A refrigerator place and washing machine place It becomes a washing machine place and the refrigerator place.

Kitchen It becomes the kitchen of renovation with three shares of made cookers in August, 2023.

Three shares of cookers Three shares of cookers are installed, and the width of dishes seems to spread.

Bus The clean bus which was based on white

Restroom It becomes the restroom made a renovation in August, 2023.

Intercom with the camera The intercom with the camera is on, and even a rapid visitor is reliable.

The appearance Including a sneak preview and the request documents please feel free to contact us.

My Basket 3, Kamiitabashi store (about 120m)

Berg's Itabashi Nakadai shop (about 600m)

FamilyMart 3, Kamiitabashi store (about 210m)

Lawson 4, Tokiwadai store (about 570m)

Itabashi Nakadai post office (about 460m)

Itabashi City Wakagi Elementary School (about 490m)

Itabashi City Nakadai Junior High School (about 820m)

It is a room having good view of the 1LDK Southeast Orientation opening.
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Surrounding map

Address 1, Wakagi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo > GoogleMap