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Nitonacho HOUSE


The appearance photograph It is solar panel ぶきの electric-power-controlled house of the MISAWA HOMES construction.

The appearance photograph Shooting, exposure to the sun are good from the south side.

The appearance photograph 3SLDK with full of the storing

Parking space It depends on a car model, but three are parkable.

The entrance porch

The entrance It becomes the entrance storing on the right hand.

Living and dining room The room is beautiful.


Kitchen It becomes the storing attachment on storing excursus, the back that are convenient on the counter.

Kitchen It becomes a counter kitchen, the IH cooker.

Bathroom It is the modular bath of about one tsubo to be able to enter relaxedly.

Washing face room It is a washing machine depot with the waterproofing bread on the front washing stand, the right.

Restroom It is Washlet attachment.

The first-floor Western-style room

The first-floor Western-style room There is storing + shelf.

The the second-floor Southeast side Western-style room It is specifications of one room, but it is becoming possible to toe the mark in two rooms now.

The the second-floor Southeast side Western-style room

The the second-floor Southwest side Western-style room

The the second-floor Southwest side Western-style room It is walk-in closet attachment.

The the second-floor Southwest side Western-style room storing

The second-floor south side storeroom It is the area that can conjugate as space of the hobby.

The second-floor north side storeroom


Solar system converter As I sell electricity, I am glad to the family budget.

24 hours ventilation panel

Electric shutter switch The living and dining room ・ Western-style room south side on the first floor becomes the electric shutter to be able to perform of opening and closing it with a switch.

Front road

Front road

仁戸名小学校 (about 180m) It becomes about 180m than our Properties.

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Surrounding map

Address Nitonacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap