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Kotehashicho HOUSE


The appearance HOUSE of the Panahome Corp. construction. An outer wall is tile 貼 りとなっております of automatically washing it.

The appearance It is located in the beautiful land for sale by the lot, and stylish cityscape is attractive.

Parking lot It becomes with for two Parking lot space. (the size Confirm pivot)

Living A living part. It becomes the occupied, but becomes the image image when furniture disappeared now.

Living The living and dining room which has a sense of unity with the Japanese-style room

Kitchen Storage space such as floor lower storing is fulfilling. An extensive system kitchen.

Living The living in stairs that is recommended toward the family. The stairs lower storing is extensive, too.

Living LDK with a sense of unity with the kitchen

Kitchen The kitchen space that there is a large cupboard of 造付, and is available usefully

Kitchen Pantry space, the kitchen back become the one side storage space to a cupboard.

Bathroom The bathroom which I can ventilate without hesitation as it is a bathroom on the second floor

Washstand Extensive washstand space (the second-floor part) of three mirrors

The second-floor Western-style room The second-floor Western-style room. I can access Terrace from two rooms.

The entrance The extensive entrance space. It is the house which storage space of the entrance side is characterized by.

Garden Garden space spaciousness. I can enjoy the gardening!

Restroom A restroom is on ・ the second floor on the first floor in each floor.

Restroom on the second floor The restroom space of the second-floor part.

Front road

Front road

AEONTOWN Co., Ltd. (about 450m)

Well Shea (about 600m)

Seven-Eleven (about 140m)

MINISTOP (about 230m)

Chiba City Miyano tree elementary school (about 750m)

Chiba City Midorigaoka junior high school (about 350m)

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Surrounding map

Address Kotehashicho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap