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Tsudanuma East PARK HOMES Nibankan

Condominium Unit

Living [LD/about 11.0 quires] By leaving the sliding door of the adjacent Western-style room open, is available as about 18.0 quires of extensive space.

The appearance [Tsudanuma East PARK HOMES Nibankan] It is 92 Total Units, condominium of 10 stories above the ground. It is an 8-minute walk to Keisei Main Line "Keiseiokubo" Station. A supermarket and a park are locations within the range of a 10-minute walk.

Kitchen [kitchen] I can store a kitchen utensil and the petty person who is apt to be in a mess in the storage space established up and down clearly.

Bus [bathroom] Bathroom is provided with a hanger pipe. As I can dry laundry in a bathroom, it is useful in a rainy day or a season of the pollen.

Restroom [restroom] It is a clean restroom based on white. As a storing shelf is installed in the back, I can store toilet paper or a cleaning tool.

Washing face [washstand] I am easy to care for it and am available cleanly. Under the bowl, I can receive hair dryer ・ washing article ・ linen.

The room [Western-style room/about 7.0 quires] You are faced with Southwest Orientation Terrace and can go in and out. To a lifestyle, it can inflect as a bedroom and the study.

Bus [bathroom] It is a bathroom healing one-day fatigue. Two places are provided with a handrail to prevent the accidents such as falls.

Living [LD/about 11.0 quires] It is like opening, and the good scenery of the view spreads when reflected on Terrace. I seem to be able to refresh one-day fatigue.

Terrace [Terrace] It is Southwest Orientation. You can dry bedclothing at a time to be able to afford by area to extend over two rooms.

View [view] It is a view from Southwest Orientation Terrace. I breathe outdoor air and can be refreshed.

Living [LD/about 11.0 quires] The bright living and dining room that sunlight comes in. Because of a 5th floor part, it is the good dwelling unit of the view.

The room [utility room/about two quires] Of course it is multipurpose and can utilize it to the lifestyle of the family including the study and the space of the hobby for storage space.

The entrance [the entrance] Shoes box is installed in the entrance. You can make the neat space.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is a kitchen with the moderate independency. I can concentrate on dishes while watching a state of the living from the kitchen.

Living [LD/about 11.0 quires] You can enjoy the talks with the family over the counter of the kitchen. The serving meals of the table seems to progress through a counter, too.

Living [LD/about 11.0 quires] It is the simple interior that is congenial to the interior of various tastes. You can enjoy the making of favorite room.

The room [Western-style room/about 7.0 quires] WIC is established in a Western-style room. You can store not only clothes but also household appliances or the rag of the seasonal thing a lot.

Bicycle parking lot [bicycle parking lot] It is established in a site. Including the vacant situation ・ usage fee please refer in detail.

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

Delivery to home box

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

Narashino City Okubo Elementary School (about 1,100m) A 14-minute walk. With "seriously shiningly friend is an elementary school assuming a password for education target embodiment lively".

The Narashino City sixth junior high school (about 1,400m)

A 10-story bldg. 5th floor part, a Southwest Orientation dwelling unit of "1LDK." About 11.0 quires of living and about 7.0 quires of Western-style rooms are Plan facing the Southwest Terrace. There are about 2.0 quires of utility rooms where there is various how to use.
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Address 2, Motookubo, Narashino-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap