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Akitsu second housing complex No. 2-1-2 Building

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Akitsu second housing complex No. 2-1-2 Building] It is a location of an 18-minute walk to Keiyo Line "Shinnarashino" Station. I arrive to Southwest and am the good "3LDK" per positive dwelling unit.

Living [LDK] The area that is easy to locate the big furniture including a dining set and the sofa. You can spend a time of the family pleasure of home life relaxedly.

The room [Japanese-style room] The Japanese-style room where it is easy to keep an eye on from living is convenient as an amusement place and nap space of the child. It can inflect in a multi-purpose to a lifestyle.

Bus [bathroom] Bathroom where a tile of the refreshing blue and white was made on. Hot water is hard to become cold, and thermal effect is with a provided bath lid.

Washing face [washing face room] There is storage space under the back of the mirror ・ washing face bowl and can arrange a washing face article and cosmetics, stock. The triple mirror which is easy to do a hair set is adopted.

Restroom [restroom] The clean restroom which was unified in white. As a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is installed, it is available comfortably.

The room [Japanese-style room] The Japanese-style room adjacent to LDK is available in a wide use including housework space and nap space, the relaxation space after a meal.

Living [LDK] It is the bright house space where sunlight comes in through the window of both sides on the Southwest side ・ Northeast side. You can spend it in family all of you relaxedly.

Washing face [washing face room] The washing face room that is accessible immediately from the entrance. Hand-washing and the gargle after the return are smooth Plan, too. Dresser available with a triple mirror. It is provided with storage space under the bowl.

Restroom [restroom] It is a restroom of the clean simple interior. In neat FORME, it seems to be easy to clean it.

Living [LDK] Three rooms including LDK face the Southwest Orientation Terrace. There is a feeling of opening, and an authority of ・ style per positive is good together.

Living [LDK] It is available as extension of LDK, and a feeling of opening is born if I open the units of the Japanese-style room. It is recommended to a playroom and the nap place of the child. I close units in the visitor and can cover it.

Bus [bathroom] A window is established in a bathroom. Not only I adopt natural light and put it, but also can ventilate it naturally.

Washing face [washing face room] The Dresser with the triple mirror that an outlet was established. As it is simple made, I can clean it smoothly.

Restroom [restroom] I enter, and a washing face room ・ restroom is installed the entrance in to the left hand. It is hygienic without bringing a dirt when going out into LDK.

Washing face [washing face room] With triple mirror that the Dresser is convenient for outfit. A wall charge account faucet is adopted. A lot of storing can tidy up the cosmetics too, too.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] It is located in the Reinforced Concrete, the 5-story-above-the-ground 2nd floor. It is the large-scale community of 400 Total Units.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] It is a 12-minute walk to the seventh junior high school 4-minute walk, Narashino City in Narashino-shi Risshu to the elementary school. The attending school burden on child is rather less house environment.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] The horizontal placing Parking lot which is easy to put the car in and out is in the site. ※Please refer for the details including the vacant situation.

The appearance The appearance

The Narashino City seventh junior high school (about 900m) A 12-minute walk. In an important person bringing up the communication with the friend at everyday attending school time. I seem to arrive in no time when I talk happily.

Maruetsu Tsudanuma South shop (about 1,100m)

The Plan that the places equipped with a water supply such as a kitchen or the washing face room are gathered, and a housework line of flow is smooth. The wall charge account kitchen which can concentrate on work is adopted. I can go in and out of Southwest Orientation Terrace from three rooms including LDK.
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