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Grand villa Tsudanuma

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

LDK about 13.9 quires

The appearance [Grand villa Tsudanuma] It is a location of a 15-minute walk to Shin-Keisei Electric Railway "Maebara" Station. It is Reinforced Concrete, a 3rd floor part of 6 stories above the ground, the good Facing South dwelling unit per positive.




Washing face room


About 5.3 quires of Western-style rooms

About 5.3 quires of Western-style rooms

Western-style room about 5.3 quires closet

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms

Western-style room about 5.0 quires closet

LDK about 13.9 quires

LDK about 13.9 quires


Ventilation fan


Gas ring



Lower tentative marriage

The entrance

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] It is a 12-minute walk to Hasama junior high school 8-minute walk, Funabashi City to the Funabashi City Hasama South elementary school. The attending school burden on child is rather less house environment.

Emblem [Emblem] Including Traffic Access ・ surrounding environment, please consider. At the delivery time, please consult.

Automoatic lock intercom [Automoatic lock intercom] An entrance is Automoatic lock. As I can cope after confirming a visitor with a TV monitor, I can expect it for security measures.

The post [the meeting post] As the meeting post is installed in the entrance, the person except inhabitants is hard to enter For own use Area.

Entrance [entrance] It is a well-kept beautiful entrance. I give an impression of cleanliness and am available comfortably every day.

Delivery to home BOX [delivery to home box] A delivery to home box is installed. I can receive baggage even in absence and can omit the trouble of the re-delivery, too.

Garbage place [garbage place] A net is hung in the upper part that crows enter and do not scatter garbage.

Motorcycle place [motorcycle place] A motorcycle place is prepared for in a Mansion site. Please refer for the details such as the vacant situation.

Parking lot [Parking lot] Parking lot is in the site. The details, please feel free to contact charge or the vacant situation.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] It is the house environment where it is easy to live in of an 8-minute walk to the elementary school. Please confirm real exposure to the sun by all means in the field.

Front road [front road] The front road has width to spare and seems to be able to perform the stock and forwarding of the car smoothly. In asphalt pavement finished, it is easy to pass even a child.

Funabashi City Hasama junior high school (about 960m) A 12-minute walk. In an important person bringing up the communication with the friend at everyday attending school time. I seem to arrive in no time when I talk happily.

Two rooms face the Facing South Terrace. I can go in and out from LDK of a washing face room, and a housework line of flow is good. The corridor is provided with storing three.
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Surrounding map

Address 2, Hasamacho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap