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Yatsu play garden HEIGHTS Building B

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Viewing by prior appointment

Living and dining room ※As for the image, CG composed a placement example of the furniture ・ furniture in the real room. The furniture is not included in sales price.

LDK about 13.6 quires [LDK/ about 13.6 quires] It is the beige flooring which is well acquainted with a white cross and the interior of the natural atmosphere. The kitchen can effectively utilize space for wall charge account specifications.

The appearance [the local appearance] It has been remodeled the replaced of a kitchen and the place equipped with a water supply, the made-over kimono of the flooring ・ cross in December, 2023. It is a house of the Southwest Orientation "3LDK".

Kitchen [kitchen] An unhurried work top and sink are attractive. For a wall charge account type, I can wipe it off quickly even if I do an oil splash in the case of deep-fried food and a fry-up.

Washing face room [washing face room] It is a washing face room clean brightly. There is storing under the side and the bowl of the dressing table and is useful for storage such as the stock of toiletries and daily necessities.

Bathroom [bathroom] I can dry laundry with with bathroom dryer comfortably regardless of weather and time. It is useful as pollen measures.

Restroom [restroom] It is a restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user available cleanly. As a window is established, natural ventilation is possible.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is the system kitchen where Dishwasher and dryer was installed in. I can shorten time for washing and can increase time to spend with a family.

The entrance storing [the entrance] Shoes box is installed in the entrance. You can make the neat space.

Western-style room about 4.8 quires storing [Western-style room/about 4.8 quires] White is based on through the whole, and the room harmonizes with various interior for the color taste that the flooring is kind to.

About 4.2 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 4.2 quires] It is the Western-style room which is multi-, and is available in response to remote work and a nursery, the change of the lifestyle including the space of the hobby.

Western-style room about 4.2 quires storing [Western-style room/about 4.2 quires] As storing is established, a room is hard to be in a mess, and beautiful Status can last a long time.

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.0 quires] As it is with a closet, it is cleared up clearly in a room. It is the simple interior that it is easy to arrange into a favorite taste.

LDK about 13.6 quires [LDK/ about 13.6 quires] LDK of about 13.6 tatami that is faced with main Terrace for Southwest, and is wrapped in warm sunlight. It is the horizontally long layout which sorts living ・ dining, and can locate furniture.

LDK about 13.6 quires [LDK/ about 13.6 quires] LDK where natural interior is impressive. In December, 2023, I can start new life comfortably in a beautiful room of the interior reform enforcement finished.

Western-style room about 5.0 quires storing [Western-style room/about 5.0 quires] A Western-style room with high independency that can go in and out of a corridor. For natural interior, I harmonize with various interior.

Kitchen [LDK/ about 13.6 quires] As there are not partitions, in the kitchen, a feeling of opening is made in LDK on a wall.

Kitchen [kitchen] The range hood of the slim type giving a neat impression. As there are few irregularities, it is hard to get an oil dirt and is the specifications that I am easy to care for.

Kitchen [kitchen] The system kitchen where three shares of cookers and grill are installed in. As there are many cookers, parallel cooking is possible and is connected for reduction at housework time.

Facilities [Facilities]

The entrance [the entrance]

Tachiya, Narashino-shi Minamiko, Tsu school (about 850m) A 11-minute walk.

The Narashino City first junior high school (about 1,800m) A 23-minute walk.

Floor plan
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