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Soft town Yatsu play garden Building No. 3

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Viewing by prior appointment

LDK about 12.2 quires [soft town Yatsu play garden Building No. 3] The 3LDK that I arrive to 6th floor part ・ Southeast, and the ・ ventilation ・ view per positive is good. An 8-minute walk from Keisei Main Line "Yatsu" Station, use of 3 Station are possible. It is a 3-minute walk to the supermarket.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] A 6th floor part of Reinforced Concrete 7 stories. It is a room of the Southeast Orientation which the ・ ventilation ・ view per positive has good.

Kitchen [kitchen] The kitchen is island kitchen counter enjoying the conversation with a family and the friend during cooking. It is provided with the counter where the serving meals of dishes is smooth.

Dishwasher [kitchen/dishwasher] A dishwasher is put on the kitchen. The washing after a meal entrusts you and can spend slow time.

Bus [bathroom] It is a spacious bathroom healing one-day fatigue. A bathroom and a bathroom heating dryer available comfortably including the drying of the laundry are equipped with.

Dresser [Dresser] Storage space is established under the back and the washing face bowl of the triple mirror. Many things including the stock of the detergent and the electric shaver are packable.

Washing face room [washing face room] Storing is prepared for in the lower washstand side and washing face bowl by richness. Let alone cosmetics and a washing face article, it is convenient as storage spaces such as a towel or pajamas.

Restroom [restroom] The clean restroom which was unified in white. As a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is installed, it is available comfortably.

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms (the veranda side) [Western-style room/about 5.0 quires (Terrace side)] You are faced with Facing South Terrace and can go in and out. To a lifestyle, it can inflect as a bedroom and the study.

Western-style room about 5.0 quires (the veranda side) closet [the Western-style room/about 5.0 quires (Terrace side) closet] A Western-style room facing the Southeast side Terrace. As a closet is established, I can keep a room neatly.

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms (the veranda side) [Western-style room/about 5.0 quires (Terrace side)] It is next to the LD, and on earth the use is possible by leaving a sliding door open. You can spend it in opening-like house space.

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.0 quires] It is the independent room where I can go in and out of from a corridor. I can spend private time relaxedly.

Western-style room about 5.0 quires closet [Western-style room/about 5.0 quires closet] The storage space is secured, too, and the cabinet can use For own use space widely to a minimum.

About 4.2 quires of Western-style rooms About 4.2 quires of Western-style rooms

Western-style room about 4.2 quires closet [Western-style room/about 4.2 quires closet] As it is provided with storage space and can arrange clothing or a learning tool clearly, you can utilize it as a child room.

Terrace [Terrace] As Terrace facing LDK is Southeast Orientation, I seem to be able to air laundry and futon comfortably.

The entrance [the entrance] As I enter at the entrance, and a washing face room is installed in the right, it is hygienic without bringing in a dirt when going out in LDK.

Lower tentative marriage [containing dropping] There is a shoe cupboard of the studding that a some mirrors door was given. I seem to be able to keep the extensive entrance when I put the shoes for the family.

LDK about 12.2 quires [LDK/ about 12.2 quires] It is adjacent through the top hanging sliding door with the adjacent Western-style room, and on earth the use is possible as extensive space by leaving a door open.



Ventilation fan

Gas ring

The appearance

Parking lot

Bicycle parking lot


Narashino City Mukaiyama Elementary School (about 1,100m) A 14-minute walk. It is independent and, with power and a rich heart to learn, is doing upbringing of the strong child with an education aim with health.

The Narashino City first junior high school (about 1,300m) A 17-minute walk. It is the junior high school which reached the 70th anniversary of the foundation in 2016. The school education target "upbringing of the student opening up the balanced future of the knowledge and virtue body."

Plan of the 3LDK of Exclusive area 61.82 square meters. The Terrace which an LD and a Western-style room faced is established. It is indoor Renovation completed in May, 2024.
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Surrounding map

Address 4, Yatsu, Narashino-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap

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