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CENTRAL Corpo Funabashi Building No. 5

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Viewing by prior appointment

LDK about 15.4 quires [CENTRAL Corpo Funabashi Building No. 5] It is the beautiful room where reforms such as all rooms wallpaper changed, each place equipped with a water supply replaced were carried out in March, 2024. ※The furniture is not included in sales price.

The appearance [the local appearance] It is a 15-minute walk to new Keisei Line "Yakuendai" Station. It is Reinforced Concrete 4-story bldg. condominium built in the location that is available for use of 3 vicinity of 2 Station.

Kitchen [kitchen] The independence type that the kitchen is easy to concentrate on housework. I can go in and out from a door of service Terrace. Other than an LD, the good housework line of flow which can go in and out of a corridor is an attractive design.

Bus [bathroom] Clean bathroom which was unified with white. As there is a window, brisk ventilation is possible. It is available comfortably without saving moisture, and being crowded.

Washing face room [washing face room] The Dresser of the float type with high design is adopted. Under the bowl, I can store hair dryer and stock products.

Restroom [restroom] It is a restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user available comfortably every day. As wall charge account remote control is installed, I am easy to operate it.

About 7.7 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room (about 7.7 quires)] It is a Western-style room of about 7.7 quires of unhurried area. I am faced with the south side Terrace and can go in and out of a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room.

Western-style room about 7.7 quires closet [Western-style room (about 7.7 quires)/closet] It is provided with the closet which partitioning was made and can tidy for each item.

Western-style room about 7.7 quires Terrace [Terrace/Western-style room (about 7.7 quires)] Terrace of the south side established in about 7.7 quires of Western-style rooms. It seems to be healed by green of the scenery.

About 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room (about 5.0 quires)] It is about 5.0 quires of Western-style rooms facing the north side Terrace. Western-style room three rooms can spend private time in the Access from a corridor leading to the entrance carefully.

Western-style room about 5.0 quires closet [Western-style room (about 5.0 quires)/closet] I can store clothes without folding it and am convenient. On the pillow shelf, I can store clothing or an accessory of the off-season.

About 4.2 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room (about 4.2 quires)] A bay window is established in the north side. I can display an item of a photograph and the Favorite to the counter part.

About 4.2 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room (about 4.2 quires)] By the simple interior that is congenial to various interior, I seem to be able to enjoy the making of room.

Intercom with color TV monitor [intercom with color TV monitor] As I can cope after confirming a visitor with a TV monitor, I can expect it for security measures.

LDK about 15.4 quires [LDK] LDK of the Facing South is about 15.4 quires of area. For a stand-alone kitchen, it is easy to hide a feeling of life. ※The furniture is not included in sales price.

LDK about 15.4 quires Terrace [Terrace /LDK] The south side Terrace which was established in LDK. It is a 1st part, but is hard to be worried about the public eye because it faces the green tract of land.

The entrance [the entrance] The start of shooting entrance where an indoor state is hard to be seen from the door is adopted. In the shoes box, the large mirror which is convenient for an appearance check before the outing includes it.

The entrance storing [the entrance storing] I fully store the shoes for the family and can keep the entrance rotation clearly. The shelf board is available for a height change to footwear.

Kitchen [kitchen] Extensive kitchen space to be able to enjoy cooking slowly. There is a washing machine place and can move dishes and housework of the washing at the same time.


Gas ring

Ventilation fan Facilities

The appearance The appearance

Parking lot Parking lot

Funabashi City Hasama elementary school (about 920m) A 12-minute walk. There is some distance to a school, but the physical strength of the child is easy to be paid, and independent spirit seems to be developed.

Funabashi City Hasama junior high school (about 1,720m) A 22-minute walk.

A Facing South dwelling unit with the Terrace of three places of two ・. Each place equipped with a water supply faces the light court of the common use department, and a window is established in each. The natural ventilation of the place equipped with a water supply where is easy to be filled with air comes true.
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Surrounding map

Address 3, Hasamacho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap

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