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6, Konakadai HOUSE

House Viewing by prior appointment

The building appearance

The building appearance

Front road

View from the roof

View from 2nd floor roof balcony

A certain personality Japanese style gate

Terrace of the upper Parking lot

Inage Station (about 700m) A 9-minute walk

Inage Station (about 700m)

Municipal Konaka stand elementary school (about 360m) A 5-minute walk

Taizhong school (about 840m) in the municipal small A 11-minute walk

Maruetsu Inage shop (about 380m) A 5-minute walk

Ion Inage shop (about 720m) A 9-minute walk

Perrier Inage (about 700m) A 9-minute walk

Station Nearby facilities (about 700m) A 9-minute walk

Station Nearby facilities (about 680m) A 9-minute walk

Lawson Konakadai, Inage store (about 400m) A 5-minute walk

アコレ Konakadai, Inage store (about 600m) An 8-minute walk

Well Shea Konakadai, Chiba store (about 420m) A 6-minute walk

Inage Hospital (about 340m) A 5-minute walk

くろさきこども clinic (about 260m) A 4-minute walk

Stoop down; dental clinic (about 280m) A 4-minute walk

ぴあーす clinic (about 400m) A 5-minute walk

Saegusa orthopedics (about 380m) A 5-minute walk

Yoshida ophthalmology (about 400m) A 5-minute walk

Tanaka clinic (about 280m) A 4-minute walk

Inage, Chiba-shi library (about 550m) A 7-minute walk

Mukaihara Park (about 160m) A 2-minute walk

Mukaihara Park (about 160m) A 2-minute walk

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  • Price

    85,500,000 JPY

  • Location
    6, Konakadai, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba > Surrounding map
  • Traffic
    Sobu Main Line Inage Station 9-minute walk
  • Property Type
  • Other expenses
  • Exclusive area
  • Land area
  • The building year
    March, 1977 build (build 44 years)
  • Plan
  • Structure
  • A floor is based
    2 stories above the ground
  • Status
  • Parking lot
  • Land right
  • Kind
    Building lot
  • Contact road situation
    The south side: Width about 5.0m (public road)
  • Usage area / Building coverage / Volume ratio
    First-class medium- and high-levels layer exclusive residential district/60%/200%
  • City Planning
    Area designated for urbanization
  • Delivery time/entering planned time
  • Transaction type
  • Update date
    July 4, 2020
  • Next update date
    July 18, 2020
  • Remarks
    ■Repair request immunity from responsibility that a contract is incompatible and stops by ■Repair immunity from responsibility of the Facilities


  • Nearby facilities

    Elementary school Chiba City Konaka stand elementary school 360m

    Junior high school Taizhong school in the Chiba City small 840m

    Supermarket Maruetsu Inage shop 380m

    Park Mukaihara Park 160m

    Hospital Inage Hospital 340m

    Other facilities 1 Ion Inage shop 720m

    Other facilities 2 Inage, Chiba-shi library 550m

    Other facilities 3 Well Shea Konakadai, Chiba store 420m

  • Facilities
    Garden 3 tsubo or more
  • Parking lot
    Use of Parking lot is possible
  • Characteristics
    Order house, steel frame system house
  • Location
    South tiered stand for dolls

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Surrounding map

Address 6, Konakadai, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap