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Green Corpo Mitsukyo

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance It is a house of 2LDK located in 55.17 square meters of Exclusive area, 5-story-above-the-ground 5th floor part.

The appearance It is a location of a 3-minute walk to the super ・ convenience store. It is the house environment that is convenient for everyday life.

Living and dining room/14.0 quires I am faced with Terrace and am opening-like LDK brightly. When I go in and out of each room, it is the line of flow design that is easy to be brought up if interfamily communication is natural through living by all means.

The right: The living and dining room left: Western-style room I can go in and out of a Western-style room from LDK. It is the interior of all rooms with flooring specifications.

Living and dining room/14.0 quires Island kitchen counter is adopted and is easy to take communication with a family. There is a washing face room on the kitchen side and can perform housework smoothly.

Kitchen The built-in Dishwasher and dryer which washes it, and goes from advance to drying is carried. I can reduce the time that clearing takes.

Three shares of cooker/system kitchens Three shares of gas rings which raises efficiency of the housework by cooking at the same time. Cooking is possible at the same time in four places including the grill in total. It is easy to wipe off a dirt in glass TOP, and care after the cooking is easy.

Washroom I possess the Dresser which is hotel like. There is storage space under the back of the mirror ・ bowl and can store toothbrush ・ cosmetics clearly.

Bathroom It is provided with a bathroom dryer and can dry clothing regardless of weather and time. It is effective for mold restraint.

Western-style room/5.0 quires In a Western-style room of two lighting, an authority of ・ style per positive is good.

Western-style room/5.2 quires It is a Western-style room facing the Terrace. It is provided with WIC.

Walk-in closet There is a walk-in closet and can store clothing and various baggage. I can use the living room space more spaciously.

Western-style room/5.0 quires/closet The storage space such as closets is established in all rooms.

The entrance It is the entrance of the refined impression based on white.

Shoes box I can store shoes clearly, and a feeling of life seems to be controlled.

Terrace With hanging the washing hardware. I can dry the big thing well.

Roof balcony The extensive roof balcony has good feeling of opening available ・ exposure to the sun.

View It is a view photograph from Terrace. Because of a Top Floor 5th floor part, a view is good.

Intercom With intercom in a visitor with convenience, TV monitor.

Terrace in the site It is the Terrace in the site.

Sotetsu Main Line "Mitsukyo" Station (about 290m) It is a good location of a 4-minute walk to Sotetsu Main Line "Mitsukyo" Station.

Sotetsu Main Line "Mitsukyo" Station (about 290m) A line (November 30, 2019 opening) direct to Sotetsu ・ JR. A line (March, 2023 opening) direct to Sotetsu ・ Tokyu. Access to Central Tokyo became more and more convenient.

Sotetsu Rosen Mitsukyo store (about 220m) It is a 3-minute walk to Sotetsu Rosen Mitsukyo store.

Sotetsu life Mitsukyo store (about 170m) It is a 3-minute walk to Sotetsu life Mitsukyo store.

AEON food-style Mitsukyo store (about 210m) It is a 3-minute walk to AEON food-style Mitsukyo store.

AEON food-style Mitsukyo store (about 210m) It is a 3-minute walk to AEON food-style Mitsukyo store.

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Address Higashikibogaoka, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap