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Sunny leech Imajuku Building No. 27

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance [the appearance] A "3LDK" faced with Southwest Orientation Terrace dwelling unit. Use of 2 Station of Sotetsu Main Line "Tsurugamine Station" ・ "Nishiya Station" is possible.

Living and dining room [living and dining room/about 16 quires] On earth the use is possible with an adjacent Japanese-style room (about six quires). There is not a step between a Japanese-style room and is the barrier-free design that we do not have to worry about falls.

LDK [LDK/ about 16 quires] I am faced with Southwest Terrace, and warm Hikari comes in in living.

LDK [LDK/ about 16 quires] Living storing is established near the kitchen. Storage of the stock of food and daily necessities is available as pantry.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is the kitchen of the wall charge account type that can effectively utilize space.

Bathroom [bathroom] January, 2018 newly installed. In the bathtub, the white-collar who is hard to be worried about scale is employed.

Washing face room [washing face room] I keep a hanging closet in the upper washing machine. The washstand which is apt to be scattered is put in order clearly, and a feeling of life seems to be controlled.

Restroom [restroom] January, 2018 newly installed. As there is a hanging closet of the fastening firmly in the upper restroom, I can store a cleaning article or toilet paper.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room/about six quires] It is quiet and is available as a parlor. As I can go to a restroom and the washing face room without going along the LD, I have a customer spend it slowly.

View from a dwelling unit [view from a dwelling unit] Can come and go from two rooms; follow; Terrace.

[view from a dwelling unit] I can view Mount Fuji from the room (depends on the weather) [view from a dwelling unit] It is a view from Terrace. There is not the building blocking the view, and an opening-like view is provided. Air can see Mount Fuji on a clear day (seasonal ・ depends on the weather).

The appearance [the appearance] An elementary and junior high school is the home where a child is for a range in a 5-minute walk, but is reliable.

The appearance [the appearance] It is located in Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District featuring the house environment that is quiet, and is full of green.

The appearance [the appearance] A 3LDK dwelling unit of about 76 square meters. LDK is about 16 tatami and spacious relaxing space.

Row of cherry blossom trees [row of cherry blossom trees] The quiet cityscape which is colored by the change of the four seasons.

Row of cherry blossom trees [row of cherry blossom trees] The attending school road is a wonderful row of cherry blossom trees. Please enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring.

Park in the site [park in Common area/site] Because a park is in the condominium site, I can let a small child play at the place where eyes reach.

Park in the site [park in Common area/site] It becomes the place of exchange in residents.

Park in the site [park in Common area/site] As a park is in the site, becomes easy to plan interchange with the same child care layer.

The appearance [the appearance] A housework line of flow which a place equipped with a water supply is gathered up in one place, and is mobile.

Sotetsu Main Line [Tsurugamine] Station (about 2,000m) [surrounding environment] A 25-minute walk

Imajuku Junior High School (about 200m) [surrounding environment] A 3-minute walk

[Floor plan] The Southwest Orientation 3LDK dwelling unit which has good exposure to the sun.
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Surrounding map

Address Imajukuhigashicho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap