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New City Hongodai Park Hills Building C

Condominium Unit

The appearance

View from the south side Terrace

View from the south side Terrace

View from the north side Terrace

The appearance

The appearance

The appearance

Automoatic lock entrance belonging to

Garbage depot

Parking lot (Building C prev) in the site

Bicycle parking lot

Motorcycle depot

Management Building

Play lot in the site

The site

Condominium site entrance

Yokohama City Iijima Elementary School (about 1,120m) A 14-minute walk

Yokohama City Iijima Junior High School (about 1,240m) A 16-minute walk

Hongodai Station (about 1,280m) A 16-minute walk

Fuji Kosugaya store (about 660m) A 9-minute walk

Seven-Eleven Yokohama Sakae Kosugaya store (about 530m) A 7-minute walk

Yokohama Iijima post office (about 1,090m) A 14-minute walk

Iijima Sannomiya Park (about 100m) A 2-minute walk

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Surrounding map

Address Iijimacho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap