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Kamino-cho Newly built only HOUSE


The appearance photograph Look at the state of the Parking lot

I see the kitchen from the living room The door to a corridor accentuates.

Floor lower storing system kitchen adoption belonging to The line of flow to a washing face room is secured, too

About 7.2 quires of Western-style room Terrace side It is the room which is enough, and a positive is good, and is bright

About 5.0 quires of Japanese-style rooms The part of the boarding the floor is finished in the Japanese-style room which is the Japanese modern that there is, too

It leads to a washing face room from a corridor A life line of flow is devised

Apodyterium belonging to storing shelf It is the apodyterium which is comfortable on a window

State of the entrance

State in the entrance

State in the entrance

A corridor closet and shelf

About 18.5 quires of LDK I can enjoy seasonal change ・ far-off scenery

I see the living room from the kitchen

Washing face room with window It is a washing face room with high design

I see dressing room ・ bathroom from the washing face room I can use a washing face room clearly because I break up with a dressing room

Modular bath with window

Restroom with the shower With window

I see the living room from the Japanese-style room

I see the entrance from the corridor on the second floor It is the space of the impression that opened out

About 5.2 quires of Western-style rooms I can expect scenery of the Mt. Japanese yen sea

About 5.2 quires of Western-style rooms State on the closet side

State of the Terrace with the depth

About 8.2 quires of Western-style room Terrace sides

State of the garden

State of the garden

The appearance

Car space

The local photograph which includes a front road

The appearance photograph A front road is large, and exposure to the sun is good for a corner lot

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Surrounding map

Address Kaminocho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap