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5, Hinominami HOUSE


The appearance photograph Order building HOUSE of house construction in Sweden, the 2020 construction

The garden where a lawn is cared for neatly The exposure to the sun is good in a front yard of the Hall for state ceremonies, too

The appearance photograph It is a photograph from the front.

About 25.0 quires of LDK I direct the space that wall surface storing belonging to movable shelf and door which use it properly, and are easy to expand is stylish, and is functional

Tableware washing dryer built-in made in Germany There is the order kitchen depth of the kitchen house and is with a tableware washing dryer of big Miele of the capacity

Island kitchen counter system kitchen It is the kitchen which drill っと is simple, and is functional, and storing is enough for back set on a hanging closet

View from deep dining The gentle light of the downlight makes the gentle space

Trash box storing ぺー back set with The white tiling of the gas ring wall and the system kitchen of the housing part of the stone gray are modern and create the atmospheres such as the showroom

About 9.3 quires of Western-style rooms A Western-style room with the Terrace, a walk-in closet include it in a room open to the south

About 12 tatami Two closets are on.

About 5.5 quires of Western-style rooms There is a window to the two directions of the western ・ north side, and the ventilation is good, too

1F restroom of the bright space There is hand-washing and is hygienic

The 1F toy which is healed by the cross with the accent The restroom is tankless, as for the cleaning easily

Bathroom It is a bathroom based on clean white

Extensive 2F restroom with the washhand stand It is the mirror such as the washroom, a restroom with storing

The washing face room that a washhand stand is two It is an extensive washing face room without the formal feeling even if I use it in a great number of people, and there is a mirror with the Right

Lighting Control Panel Light control lighting with a function

The entrance hall The entrance storing and the housing part of the restroom, a cross of the accent color create soft space with a space

The entrance with a roof An outer wall, a pillar, the entrance door, a floor tile are the designs with the united feeling

The appearance photograph Exposure to the sun is good in a South road

The local photograph which includes a front road The front road is extensive with width 6.5m, and the reverse parking is smooth, too

View from Terrace The sun is good because of Facing South.

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Surrounding map

Address 5, Hinominami, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap