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Tsurumi HEIGHTS Building D

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The appearance It is provided with a park and the Parking lot which a slide and a horizontal bar were installed in in the site of the Mansion.

The appearance It is a 13-minute walk to Keihin Tohoku, Negishi Line "Tsurumi" Station. By the appearance based on white, planting is given approach neatly.

The appearance The Building D becomes two layouts in the one floor where it was considered privacy.

LDK It is about 16.5 quires of LDK facing the Terrace on the Southwest side and the Northwest side. It is space with a feeling of opening by four openings.

LDK Other than the window on the Southwest side, there is a window on the kitchen side. Direct rays of the sun including the summertime and the daytime is avoided, and, because of the Northwest side window, there is cooking work relatively coolly.

Kitchen It is the environment that can concentrate on work in the kitchen of the wall charge account type. Can effectively utilize a kitchen rotation, housework lines of flow Meuse. As it is kitchen replaced finished, you can enjoy dishes in a beautiful kitchen in November, 2022.

LDK It is November, 2022, flooring ・ cross washing and stretching finished. For the interior of the natural taste, the width of interior coordinates seems to spread, too.

LDK For the layout which suppressed the projection of a beam and the pillar, you are easy to locate the furniture and can use a room to the every corner. It is an FLAT floor design easy for the person who reduced the floor step in the dwelling unit.

Restroom It is the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user restroom which I can use comfortably with. I can use it for newly installed finished comfortably in November, 2022. An accent cross giving a three-dimensional impression in the whole space is taken.

Dresser It is interior reform Complete in November, 2022. You can start new life smoothly in beautiful house space.

Dresser It is the washstand of the vessel type to become the accent of the space. For a space-saving design, I seem to be able to effectively utilize a washing face rotation.

Western-style room The Western-style room of two lighting is about 5.5 quires of area. Take in refreshing wind and I am relaxed in refreshing space and can relax.

Storage space You can store daily necessities or a cleaning article and can store documents or stationery, the medicine which are apt to be scattered clearly.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] Because of Status Vacant, I can observe it. Please observe the field in conjunction with surrounding environment.

Layout [layout in the site] The Tsurumi HEIGHTS consists of building A - K Building, and 配棟 is done Mansion along the site that is full of green of head temple "總持寺" of the Soto sect.

Front road [front road] It is a location of a 9-minute walk (about 700m) to My Basket Higashiteraonakadai store. It is the house environment that is convenient for sudden shopping.

Front road [common use department] Stairs are established from a front road to Building D. The climbing up and down of stairs is supported because it is with a handrail.

Park in the site [park in the site] A park is established before adjacent Building E. You can utilize it in the amusement place of the child or the place of exchange between residents.

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Surrounding map

Address 2, Tsurumi, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap

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