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The Lions Mansion raw wheat second

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance [the Lions Mansion raw wheat second] It is a 6-minute walk to Keikyu Main Line "raw wheat" Station. It is 9-story-above-the-ground Reinforced Concrete Construction condominium, "2LDK" of the 6th floor part.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] It is 59 Total Units, condominium with Automoatic lock. It is the house with the open feeling that all rooms is faced with in L-shape Terrace.

Living [DK (about 7.8 quires)] It is adjacent through a sliding door with the adjacent Western-style room, and on earth the use is possible as extensive space by leaving a door open. ※Furniture and the household appliances of photographs are not included in sales price

[view photograph from a dwelling unit] It is a view from Terrace. The sunlight that I fully did pours it, and the laundry seems to dry clearly, too.

Living [DK (about 7.8 quires)] DK facing the Southeast Orientation Terrace that Hikari comes in through a big window. As extension of the living, you can feel area if you open the units of the Western-style room. ※Furniture and the household appliances of photographs are not included in sales price

Living [Western-style room (about 4.2 quires)] It is connected to the living room when you open up units and can spend it while feeling the sign of the family. ※Furniture and the household appliances of photographs are not included in sales price

Kitchen [kitchen] It is a clean system kitchen. I have a lot of storage space up and down and can store a kitchen article clearly.

Kitchen [kitchen] The system kitchen where three shares of cookers and grill are installed in. As there are many cookers, parallel cooking is possible and is connected for shortening at housework time.

Kitchen [kitchen] The center pocket sink which I can store a detergent and a sponge in is adopted.

Western-style room [Western-style room (about 5.6 quires)] A window for sweeping the dirt out of a room which can go in and out of the Northeast side Terrace is established. There is a closet in two places and is easy to tidy. ※Furniture and the household appliances of photographs are not included in sales price

Bus [bathroom] It is a spacious bathroom healing one-day fatigue. As a pipe is with a hanger, I can dry laundry.

Washing face [washing face room] As white is based on, I give an impression of cleanliness. With triple mirror that the Dresser is convenient for outfit. A lot of storing can tidy up the cosmetics too, too.

Restroom [restroom] A restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user. As wall charge account remote control is installed, I am easy to operate it.

The entrance [the entrance] A dropping case with large mirror is established. Other than shoes, you can store things to use outdoors.

[Terrace] All rooms is faced with Terrace, and exposure to the sun is good. Bright sunlight and comfortable wind come.

Entrance [entrance] An auto-lock system is adopted. It is condominium considered on a security side.

Entrance hall [common use corridor] An inner corridor design is adopted. It is hard to be affected by the fresh air and is considered a security aspect.

. Corner Unit of the Southeast Orientation which the ・ ventilation ・ view per positive has good. A place equipped with a water supply is gathered and is Plan considered to a housework line of flow.
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