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Maple Miyamaedaira

Condominium Unit

Living [Maple Miyamaedaira] Top Floor of the 3rd floor ・ 1 story below ground condominium above the ground, authority of ・ per positive-like good Southwest Mikata corner unit suitable for it. It is condominium considered on the security side with an intercom with the Automoatic lock ・ TV monitor.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] 20 Total Units. It is a location of a 7-minute walk to the bus stop which is accessible to Tokyu Denentoshi Line "Miyamaedaira" Station.

Living [LD] Warm sunlight from the Southwest side comes in in living. Because of Top Floor, exposure to the sun is good. I can go in and out of Terrace.

Kitchen [kitchen] The system kitchen where three shares of cookers and grill are installed in. As there are many cookers, parallel cooking is possible and is connected for reduction at housework time.

Washing face [washing face room] Storage space is established in the top and bottom of the washstand. I can fully receive electric shaver and dryer, detergent or shampoo.

Bus [bathroom] It is a bathroom healing one-day fatigue. A handrail supporting movement is installed.

Restroom [restroom] As a storing shelf is installed in the back, I can store toilet paper or a cleaning tool.

Living [LDK] Island kitchen counter is adopted. Cooking is possible while watching the state of the family whom there is in living ・ dining.

Living [LDK] The adjacent Japanese-style room is available in a wide use including housework space and nap space, the relaxation space after a meal.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room/about 6.0 quires] It is provided with the closet which the futon can hold clearly. It is both difference door which the contents are easy to look at.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room/about 6.0 quires] The Japanese-style room facing the Southwest Orientation Terrace is the comfortable space where sunlight comes in. I can go in and out of Terrace.

Western-style room [Western-style room/about 7.2 quires] A Western-style room facing the Southwest Orientation Terrace. It is provided with a closet. I can just store busy laundry, and a housework line of flow is good.

Western-style room [Western-style room/about 7.2 quires] As a window is installed in two on the Southwest side ・ Northeast side, the ventilation is good. With flooring specifications, the daily care is smooth, too.

Storeroom [storeroom/about 5.0 quires] There is a window on the Northeast side, and sunlight comes in. I put a bed and make the bedroom and will have the remote work space, and how to use is freedom.

Storeroom [storeroom/about 5.0 quires] As I compromise, and the closet of the units type is established, it is easy to put the thing of the edge in and out.

The entrance [the entrance] The entrance door is a double lock specification considered in a security aspect. A mailbox is installed.

Entrance [entrance] The common use department is provided with a delivery to home box and storage room available free of charge.

Parking lot [Parking lot] It is a state of the Parking lot in the site. Status Vacant available. As the vacant situation will fluctuate, please refer at any time (as of April 4, 2024).

View [view photograph from a dwelling unit] As a big building blocking the view in front is not adjacent, I can enjoy an unhurried view.

Terrace Terrace

An alcove is established at the entrance, and privacy is followed. It is the house environment where it is easy to live in in the families whom a supermarket, an elementary and junior high school are located in within the range of a 10-minute walk.
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Surrounding map

Address 6, Sugao, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap