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Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

Living [GREEN HILLS Tokiwadai] I arrive to a Top Floor 4th floor part, Southwest, and exposure to the sun is good. The south side adjoining land becomes Tokiwadai Park and can enjoy sports and a walk.

Living [LDK] It is the simple interior that is congenial to various furniture. You display favorite interior and furniture and can enjoy the making of room.

Living [LD] It is the design that communication is easy to take with a family going via an LD to two rooms on the Southwest side.

Kitchen [DK] The kitchen of the wall charge account type is adopted. As you are able to afford, you can place a dining table near the kitchen.

Kitchen [kitchen] An IH cooking heater is equipped with. I am easy to care for it and am the specifications that a kitchen is hard to become hot in the summertime.

Bus [bathroom] As a window is established in bathroom, not only I adopt natural light and put it, but also can ventilate it naturally.

Dresser [washing face room] It is clean Dresser unified with white. There is storage space under the bowl and is useful for the storage such as toiletries or daily necessities. (July, 2019 replaced)

Restroom [restroom] On a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user, it is a restroom available comfortably every day. As wall charge account remote control is installed, I am easy to operate it.

Living [LDK] It is the beige floor which is well acquainted with a white cross and the interior of the natural atmosphere. The kitchen can effectively utilize space for wall charge account specifications.

Western-style room 6.2 tatami [Western-style room/about 6.2 quires] A Western-style room facing the Southwest Orientation Terrace. It can be reflected on Terrace and can spend time relaxedly.

Western-style room 6.2 tatami [Western-style room/about 6.2 quires] It is connected to the living room when I open up units and can spend it while feeling the sign of the family. It is the multi-, available Western-style room including remote work and the nursery.

6.0-tatami Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room/about six quires] The Japanese-style room facing the Southwest Orientation Terrace is the comfortable space where sunlight comes in. As relaxation space or parlor after a meal, you can utilize it widely.

6.0-tatami Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room/about six quires] It is multipurpose and can utilize an amusement place and nap space, the parlor of the child. It is with a closet and can store the clothing of the thing in a bedclothing ・ cushion ・ season.

Western-style room 4.5 tatami [Western-style room/about 4.5 quires] It is the independent room where I can go in and out of from a corridor. It is provided with the Terrace and can spend private time relaxedly.

Western-style room 4.5 tatami [Western-style room/about 4.5 quires] The title page of the closet is a wall and a unified simple design. The room space is unified.

The entrance [the entrance] As the shoes closet is moderate height, even a child can take out shoes by oneself. I display the photograph of the family and a seasonal flower and am usable variously.

View [view photograph from Terrace] There is no expensive building blocking the view on the front. The outskirts are residential areas lined with a single-family house or Apartments.

View [view photograph from Terrace] I can look at nature from Terrace and I breathe outdoor air and can be refreshed.

Entrance [entrance] It is an entrance part of the Mansion. The planting is given, too, and the common use department is kept neatly.

The appearance The appearance

Yokohama City Hodogaya junior high school (about 960m) A 12-minute walk. The educational continuity from primary through early secondary levels that deepened the cooperation between the elementary and junior high school is promoted to be able to plan smooth connection of learning instruction and the living guidance of compulsory education nine years.

It is a location of a 13-minute walk to Sotetsu Main Line "Wadamachi" Station. Of the 3LDK that both sides Terrace specifications, three rooms face the Terrace live.
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Address Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap