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Sevenstar Mansion Kawasakidaishi

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Sevenstar Mansion Kawasakidaishi] It is a 1-minute walk to Keikyu Daishi Line "Kawasakidaishi" Station. 11 stories above the ground, condominium of the Steel Reinforced Concrete, Total Units 161. Because of a Southwest Orientation dwelling unit of the Top Floor, the ・ view per positive is good.

[dining kitchen/about 9.5 quires] It is the kitchen of the wall charge account type. It is easy to concentrate on work and is specifications not to spoil area of the dining space.

[view photograph from a dwelling unit] It is a view from Terrace. The sunlight that I fully did pours it, and the laundry seems to dry clearly, too.

[view photograph from a dwelling unit] As the striking distance does not have an expensive building, there is not a feeling of pressure and can taste an opening-like feeling.

[Terrace] It faces Western-style room two rooms and can go in and out than both windows for sweeping the dirt out of a room. I can dry bedclothing at a time to be able to afford.

[kitchen] It is the system kitchen where Dishwasher and dryer was installed in. I can shorten time for washing and can increase time to spend with a family.

[bathroom] Bathroom where an accent panel of the beautiful woodgraining was adopted. As a bathroom dryer is established, laundry dries well in a season of the long rain.

[restroom] As the remote control of the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is attached to the wall, I am easy to operate it. The washing mode is Many, too.

[washing face room] It is a washing face room of the area that a space is felt even if I put a washing machine. A shelf is established in the upper storage of linen and washing machine place.

[washing face room] The washstand which a washing face bowl is wide, and is hard to do a water splash. A mirror is big and is easy to do the appearance check.

[the corridor ・ entrance] Lower tentative marriage is set up by a corridor. I fully store the shoes for the family and seem to be able to keep the entrance rotation clearly.

[dining kitchen/about 9.5 quires] It is provided with pantry and can store the cooking household appliances such as stock or the hot plate of the food.

[dining kitchen/about 9.5 quires] As it is simple interior, I seem to be able to enjoy interior such as the furniture.

[dining kitchen/about 9.5 quires] I can go in and out of a washing face room from dining kitchen directly. It is a design considered by a housework line of flow.

[Western-style room/about 5.4 quires] The walk-in closet with the storing power is established. I am easy to tidy and am easy to do selection of clothes.

[Western-style room/about 5.4 quires] The Western-style room which can feel refreshing Hikari from Terrace. You can taste a feeling of opening by getting rid of eyes.

The appearance


The appearance

The appearance

The condominium backside

Kawasaki-Daishi Station

Kawasakidaishi Omotesando entrance

FamilyMart Kawasakidaishi ekimae shop (about 170m) A 3-minute walk. The business hours are 6:00-24:00. When I want to buy only some time and drink which want to go shopping a little quickly, there is it to distance to be able to drop in casually.

Specialist in medical corporation truth society Miyakawa Hospital (about 190m) A 3-minute walk. The specialities are internal medicine, digestive organ surgery ・ surgery, orthopedics, thyroidal surgery, dermatology, the urology department, neurosurgery.

Daishi park (about 550m) A 7-minute walk. There are a lawn open space and a large compound playground equipment and is a park to be able to enjoy in families. There are a baseball field, a tennis court, canal, the pool, too.

SHIMACHU Homes Kawasakidaishi store (about 550m) A 7-minute walk. It is Home Center handling a wide product from interior to the outdoor. The business hours are 10:00-19:00. An electronics retail store and a fashion, a fast food restaurant add it in the facilities.

Through DK, comings and goings are possible in about 5.7 quires of Western-style rooms and about 5.4 quires of Western-style rooms. It is a design to increase if an opportunity to meet a family is natural. Pantry and a walk-in closet are comprised.
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Surrounding map

Address 1, Daishiekimae, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap