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1 Nogawa stand chome Newly built only Building No. 2

House Open house

The appearance photograph Building No. 2 is the right side

The appearance photograph I contact with a Southwest road, and the sun is good

The appearance photograph It is the building of the bright impression that made white valuable

The appearance photograph It is all two Newly built properties only spots

2nd floor walk-in closet Storing is with large size in master bedroom

2nd floor Western-style room (8.0 quires) It is a bright room of the Facing South

State of the Terrace Depth is deeper than a normal thing and is good Terrace of the sun

View from Terrace There is distance, and the building of the prev is opening-like scenery

2nd floor corridor

2nd floor Western-style room (6.0 quires) Storing is with a loft in the upper part

2nd floor Western-style room (6.0 quires)

2nd floor restroom A toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is with two together

The entrance With shoes box of the Thor type that storing is enough for

System bus A modular bath of 1 tsubo size. There is a dryer.

Washing stand The other side of three mirrors is stored

1st Western-style room (5.2 quires) As neighboring land and distance open, a day enters the 1st

LDK Bright LDK of two lighting

LDK I adopt an open counter kitchen. In the space enjoying a conversation.

System kitchen I install the dishwasher ・ water purifier with the cupboard as standard equipment.

LDK Glance image from the kitchen

LDK Glance image from the kitchen

Parking space Three cars are usually available for double-parking. ※It depends on a car model.

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Address Nogawa, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa stand 1 > GoogleMap

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