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Jay ・ Park Motosumiyoshi

Condominium Unit Viewing by prior appointment

The appearance [Jay ・ Park Motosumiyoshi] "2DK" available for 7-story-above-the-ground 2nd floor part, flexible. It is a location of a 11-minute walk to 2 available Tokyu Toyoko Line ・ Meguro Line "Motosumiyoshi" that is convenient for commuting ・ attending school along the line Station.

Two Western-style rooms are next to DK. The wall charge account type that the kitchen can effectively utilize space. Terrace is good Southeast Orientation per positive.

Kitchen [DK] A kitchen washing machine place belonging to a door aside is established. It is available for a blindfold in a visitor. I seem to be able to keep neat space without showing a feeling of life.

Kitchen [kitchen] The kitchen of the wall charge account type is adopted. I can store a kitchen utensil and an accessory in the storage space of the top and bottom.

Living [DK] It is flooring of Brown who is well acquainted with a white cross and simple interior. You can enjoy favorite interior.

Western-style room [Western-style room] The opening-like Western-style room which can go in and out of the Southeast side Terrace. I leave a door open, and on earth the use is possible with DK.

Western-style room of two lighting [Western-style room] As it is flooring specifications, the daily care is smooth, too. It is the room which comfortable sunlight inserts. A closet is installed.

Bus [bathroom] Bathroom where an accent panel of the beautiful woodgraining was adopted. You can heal one-day fatigue in a spacious bathtub.

Restroom [restroom] The clean restroom which was unified in white. As a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is installed, it is available comfortably.

Washing face [washing face room] It is clean Dresser unified with white. There is storage space under the bowl and is useful for the storage such as toiletries or daily necessities.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] I show around the surrounding environment in addition. Please check real house environment locally.

Mailbox [meeting post ・ delivery to home box] The delivery to home that is convenient in the case of absence time and sudden going out is belonging to a box. I can receive baggage at favorite time.

Bicycle parking lot [bicycle parking lot] It is established in a site. Including the vacant situation ・ usage fee please refer in detail.

Neighboring cityscape (about 100m) A 2-minute walk. The outskirts are the house environment that they are easy to live for where the life facilities such as convenience store ・ supermarket ・ hospitals are even on within the range of Walk.

Motosumiyoshi Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line) (about 880m) A 11-minute walk. It is accessible to the Motomachi-Chukagai area, the Shibuya area. Elevator ・ escalator ・ wheelchair-adaptive restrooms are established as barrier-free Facilities.

Medical place Motosumiyoshi (about 40m) A 1-minute walk. It is the medical center where the medical clinics which can give medical care such as the dentistry and internal medicine ・ surgery ・ stomach and intestines departments enter. ※The consultation hours vary every clinic.

My Basket Kariyado store (about 750m) A 10-minute walk. Other than perishables, it is the supermarket where drinking water ・ liquor is handled. /business hours are 09:00-23:00

Kawasaki City Kariyado elementary school (about 800m) A 10-minute walk. The everyday attending school of the child has few burdens, and there is protector participating in an event to the distance that it is easy to do of the coming and going.

Kawasaki City Sumiyoshi Junior High School (about 900m)

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Surrounding map

Address Nishikase, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap

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