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Lions plaza Odori, Yokohama Park

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Viewing by prior appointment

5.7 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.7 quires] As it is Corner Unit of the Southwest ・ Northwest, two lighting comes true and bring an open feeling in the room.

5.7 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.7 quires] Storage space is established in a Western-style room. Warm floor heating is carried from the step without polluting air.

5.7 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.7 quires] The Southwest side has the bay window where the depth is made in the space, and an authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good.

5.7 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.7 quires] Interior settled for the calm color taste that it is easy to arrange into a favorite taste is adopted.

View from the room [view photograph from a dwelling unit] It is a view from Northwest Orientation Terrace. There is distance with the neighboring buildings. On a fine day, I seem to be able to enjoy a comfortable blue sky.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is the kitchen of the wall charge account type that is easy to concentrate on dishes. The IH cooking heater which I am easy to care for is equipped with.

Kitchen [kitchen] I can store a kitchen utensil and an accessory in the storage space established up and down clearly. It is the independence type that a smell cooking in a Western-style room is hard to spread through.

Dresser ・ washing machine [Dresser ・ washing machine] It is clean Dresser unified with white. There is storage space under the bowl and is useful for the storage such as toiletries or daily necessities.

Shower room [shower room] I give an impression of cleanliness and am the shower room of the stylish impression. I am easy to clean it by a simple design.

Restroom [restroom] It is with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user and is available comfortably every day. The shelf where I can display an interior accessory of the Favorite is installed.

The entrance [the entrance] Warm housing part and flooring of Brown line are adopted. The entrance is provided with shoes box.

The entrance [the entrance] As I enter at the entrance, and a washing face room is installed in the right, it is hygienic without bringing in a dirt when going out in LDK.

Terrace [Terrace] The Terrace installed to Northwest faces the Western-style room, and comings and goings are possible from a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room.

Mailbox ・ delivery to home box [mailbox ・ delivery to home box] It is provided with a delivery to home box. There is a receipt of the baggage at favorite time and, regardless of at-home time ・ absence, is convenient.

Parking lot [Parking lot] It is established underground and is considered a security aspect. Including the vacant situation ・ usage fee please refer at any time.

Bicycle parking lot [bicycle parking lot] It is a bicycle parking lot covered on the roof in the site. It is the Structure which is hard to get wet in the rain. Please refer for the charge.

Automoatic lock [Automoatic lock] The auto-lock system that the person except inhabitants is hard to invade is adopted. A manager stays.

Entrance [entrance] It is a well-kept beautiful entrance. Planting is given, and nature is felt every day.

Entrance Entrance

The appearance [Lions plaza Odori, Yokohama Park] A 1-minute walk from Yokohama Blue Line "Isezaki-Chojamachi" Station, use of 3 line 3 Station are possible. Automoatic lock Mansion 1 story under ground and 11 stories above ground belonging to.

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

Hall tablet Hall tablet

Entrance Entrance

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

Isezaki-Chojamachi Station (about 50m) A 1-minute walk. There are few burdens of the everyday commuting ・ attending school and finishes it. It is accessible to the Shonandai area, the Azamino area.

Kannai Station (about 560m)

Hinodecho Station (about 800m)

My Basket Fujimi-machi, Yokohama store (about 230m)

Lawson ・ Three F Chojamachi four orders eyes shop (about 130m)

Honcho elementary school (about 1,400m)

Yokohama Yoshida junior high school (about 320m)

Plan of 1K. It is Corner Unit of the Northwest Orientation located in the 11-story 8th floor part. By closing the Western-style room door, an indoor state may not be asked the entrance about.
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Surrounding map

Address 5, Chojamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap

Inquiry Viewing by prior appointment
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