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New Price Tokyu Dwell phoenix

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Open house

[Tokyu Dwell phoenix] It is the location that is convenient for commuting attending school and recreation to "Fujisawa" Station in a 9-minute walk. The vicinity of 3 is available, and Access is good. The life facilities including shopping facilities scatter within the range of a 5-minute walk.

Living [LDK/ about 14.5 quires] Bright LDK where sunlight comes in through both windows on the Southeast side ・ Southwest side. You can start new life in flooring ・ wallpaper changed finished comfortably in December, 2023.

Living [LDK/ about 14.5 quires] The island kitchen counter which I can cook while enjoying a conversation while watching a program of the Favorite is adopted.

Living [LDK/ about 14.5 quires] It is located in the 10-story 7th floor part. As it is Corner Unit of the Facing South, sunlight enters LDK.

Kitchen [kitchen] The island kitchen counter which enjoys the conversation with the family. Dishwasher and dryer supporting housework is carried. The storage space is secured well, too.

Bathroom [bathroom] A bathroom (I have been changed in December, 2023) which heals everyday fatigue. An accent panel is put for one side. The shower is with a slide bar.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is a system kitchen of the island kitchen counter. As three shares of gas rings are provided, I can cook several at the same time. It is connected by effective cooking for reduction of working hours of the housework.

Washing face [washing face room] The washstand that I have been changed in December, 2023, and one piece of big mirror is impressive. Storing is established under the washing face bowl.

Restroom [restroom] It is the restroom where a cross with the design was given (December, 2023 replaced). A toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user available comfortably includes it. The towel bar is established, too.

[restroom] A restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user. As wall charge account remote control is installed, I am easy to operate it.

About 5.4 quires of Western-style rooms [Western-style room/about 5.4 quires] The Western-style room which takes in Hikari from a window on the Southeast side. As a closet is established, a room is cleared up clearly.

View [view photograph from a dwelling unit] It is a view from Terrace. There is not the expensive building blocking the view on the front. I can see Sagami Bay on a fine day.

View from Terrace [view photograph from a dwelling unit] Because of Facing South corner unit, exposure to the sun is good. There is not a thing to block and can watch scenery with a feeling of opening.

View from Terrace [view photograph from a dwelling unit] As Terrace is established each on the Southwest ・ Southeast side, you can enjoy scenery from the room.

The entrance [the entrance] As the shoes closet is moderate height, even a child can take out shoes by oneself. I display the photograph of the family and a seasonal flower and am usable variously.

[the local appearance photograph] Within the range of Walk, there is a big park. While there is convenience, it is the Location which I can feel nature close.

[entrance] As the care of the tree planting in the site is perfect, you see a seasonal change with eyes and can feel.

[Parking lot] It is a state of the plane Parking lot established in a site. Including the vacant situation ・ usage fee please refer in detail.

Ito-Yokado Fujisawa shop (about 220m) A 3-minute walk. There are clothing, the handling of the wide product including life miscellaneous goods from food. The 100 yen uniform shop is added, too. It is usually 10:00-21:00 for business hours.

OK Fujisawa shop (about 510m) A 7-minute walk. Business hours/8:30-21:30. Parking space available. It is the general merchandise store where the sales floors such as food ・ daily wages miscellaneous goods ・ clothing ・ beauty care product ・ medicines are established.

Lawson Kugenuma, Fujisawa store (about 180m) A 3-minute walk. When I want to buy only some time and drink which want to go shopping a little quickly, there is it to distance to be able to drop in casually.

SUNDRUG Fujisawa south exit store (about 270m) A 4-minute walk. The product which is indispensable to daily necessities, the life including the baby article is handled widely by medical supplies. Use of various cashless settlement is possible. It is 10:00-21:00 for the business hours.

Yamauchi Hospital (about 520m) A 7-minute walk. There are clinical departments such as the internal medicine ・ circulatory organ internal medicine ・ digestive organ internal medicine ・ orthopedics. I can receive various medical examination ・ human being dogs (need reservations).

Okuda Park (about 30m) A 1-minute walk. As it is distance in the very front, I can let a child play in a slight spare time across the Southeast branch road road.

Fujisawa municipal institution new forest Elementary School (about 390m) A 5-minute walk. The school education target "raises a child to value the relation with people, and to be able to assist". A burden of the attending school of the child of the lower grades is Few distance.

Fujisawa City Muraoka Junior High School (about 1,200m) A 15-minute walk. As program for the year or student council communication are uploaded in the HP, I can confirm a state of the school life of the child.

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