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Ma Maison Manazuru

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Ma Maison Manazuru] It is a location of a 13-minute walk to JR Tokaido Main Line "Manazuru" Station. The condominium which is built in the shore of sea-like Manazuru full. I can overlook sea and Miura Peninsula from the roof and can enjoy the fireworks festival (seasonal ・ depends on the weather).

LDK [living] A certain space area that a big window is impressive. You give glory to favorite furniture and interior and can enjoy the making of room.

LDK [living] An accent cross and a downlight create stylish space. You can relax relaxedly.

It is a Western-style room from LDK [living] In extensive space of two lighting, it is a design facing two Terrace of the guidance. You consider it in second houses as well as the one for For own use.

Kitchen [kitchen] The kitchen of the wall charge account type is adopted. The back is provided with a counter and is available as a dining table.

Kitchen [kitchen] An IH cooking heater is equipped with. I am easy to care for it and am the specifications that a kitchen is hard to become hot in the summertime.

Kitchen [kitchen] You can enjoy the talks with the family over the counter of the kitchen. The serving meals of the table seems to progress through a counter, too.

Western-style room [Western-style room] There is storage space and can use the house space effectively. It is the condominium which can live with an important pet (rules apply).

Washstand [Dresser] It is the Dresser with the outlet. There is storage space on the upper part and the side and is useful for the storage such as toiletries or daily necessities.

Bus [bathroom] A bathroom and the restroom separate it, and they are typed. It is a bathroom gathered up for gentle color taste. You soak yourself in hot water relaxedly and can heal fatigue per day.

Restroom [restroom] The restroom where a refreshing cross was given. A toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user available comfortably includes it. As a washhand stand is established, I can wash a hand immediately.

Restroom panel [restroom panel] As the remote control of the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is attached to the wall, I am easy to operate it. The washing mode is Many, too.

The entrance [the entrance] With shoes box, I can usually store boots or boots other than the shoes of the errand. Lock available U-shaped at the entrance door.

It is LDK from the entrance [the entrance] There is the tapestry hook of the surfing board and can enjoy the marine sports, too. An intercom working under TV monitor who can confirm a visitor is installed.

View from Terrace [view from Terrace] Do you not begin a new living with beautiful scenery? I can spend private time slowly.

View from Terrace [view from Terrace] I can overlook ocean view, Miura Peninsula shining in a blue sky (depends on the weather). I can live while enjoying scenery.

View from Terrace [view from Terrace] I can watch a fireworks festival from the home without minding a crowd and a traffic jam (the vanity varies according to weather and enforcement places).

Parking lot [Parking lot] There is parking space for one because of 1 dwelling unit (Depending on car type). A supermarket and a drugstore, a convenience store are prepared within the range of a 10-minute walk.

Delivery to home box [delivery to home box] The Automoatic lock entrance which prevents an unnecessary intruder. The delivery to home box which is available for receipt of goods is installed in the absence.


The appearance

The roof

View (rock beach) from the roof

View (the Miura Peninsula area) from the roof

A 3 stories above the ground 1st part. The room of the ocean view. Facing the Western-style room take you, and can view the sea and fireworks from Terrace (depends on the weather). The room is the interior that was conscious of sea close を.
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Surrounding map

Address Iwa, Manazuru-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa > GoogleMap