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ぐみさわ East HEIGHTS Building No. 5

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance




Bathroom A bathroom dryer is installed, and let concern at a climate and time, can dry laundry comfortably.

Washstand A bathroom is connected to the washroom, and movement after the stripping is a design to be able to perform smoothly.

Restroom It is a restroom based on clean white. It is with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user and is available comfortably.

Western-style room 1

Western-style room 2

Terrace The Terrace with the roof resists changes of the sudden weather and becomes hard to be affected by the weather even if I dry laundry.

View A view from Terrace is good. It is house environment felt rich nature close.

Western-style room 1 storing There is a hanger pipe and I hang clothes and can keep it. I can store bits and bobs in an upper shelf.

Western-style room 2 storing The functional closet can hold clothes in beautiful Status.

Entrance It is the post.

Parking lot It is Parking lot.

Gumizawa Elementary School (about 1,420m) It is an 18-minute walk to Gumizawa Elementary School. It is the elementary school in the residential area. I can see Mount Fuji in the distance on the day when it was fine to be on the hill.

Gumizawa Junior High School (about 2,250m) It is a 29-minute walk to Gumizawa Junior High School. I raise "we learn by oneself and recognize it each other, and let's live vigorously" with the school education aim.

Life Gumizawa, Totsuka store (about 270m) It is a 4-minute walk to life Gumizawa, Totsuka store.

Seven-Eleven West Tozuka shop (about 400m) It is a 5-minute walk to a Seven-Eleven West Tozuka shop.

Create S ・ D Gumizawa, Totsuka store (about 1,440m) It is an 18-minute walk to create S ・ D Gumizawa, Totsuka store.

Yokohama Fukaya post office (about 1,710m) It is a 22-minute walk to the Yokohama Fukaya post office.

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Surrounding map

Address Gumizawacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap