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2, Maeyamacho, Toyota-shi


The appearance photograph

Living ・ dining It becomes about 16.7 quires of LDK. Floor heaters is installed in the step of living and the dining.

Living ・ dining There is a window leading to a courtyard, and it is a plan of a house that the connection with the courtyard is felt.

Living The living upper part becomes the incline ceiling. An incrustation and a ceiling fan accentuate.

Living A ceiling part of the living becomes the incline ceiling and can secure direction and the lighting of the area.

Kitchen There is a spice rack part at the hand of the kitchen sink and can have you put small containers.

Kitchen (cupboard) There is a cupboard with a structure, and a quantity of storing is abundant. In the depths of the cupboard of the operation shelf arrive, and there is pantry space.

Kitchen (gas ring) It becomes three shares of gas rings. In addition, there is an outlet at hand and can facilitate the use such as kitchen utensils.

Kitchen (sink) It becomes the faucet of one clean water cartridge type. It becomes the built-in counter of the scagliola, and care becomes easy.

Courtyard There is a private courtyard, and the lighting to a Japanese-style room is secured; become made.

Japanese-style room Hanging; can break, and can have display an article in the lower space.

Japanese-style room It becomes about 4.5 quires of area. There is the connection to space and the courtyard under the hanging closet and directs space than a fact widely.

Garden of the south side It becomes the garden of the site south side. Artificial turf is installed.

Washing face room As for the washing stand, a mirror becomes the triple mirror type, and the back becomes the storage space.

Washing face room There is about 3.2 quires of area and is available relaxedly.

The laundry space where washing face is in a room A counter and a mirror install it in the washing face room depths and can use it as a dressing table.

Washing face indoor storing shelf It is a storing shelf part. I become able to store a towel or underwear.

Bathroom A bathroom heating dryer is installed.

Restroom A hand-washing part becomes independent.

The entrance It becomes the entrance becoming the face of the building.

The night entrance It blows with visiting entrances by a light-up of the lighting, and a part is projected.

The entrance ・ hall space There is large mirror at the entrance and comes to be able to confirm it before outing. In addition, there are about two quires of shoes cloakrooms on the entrance side.

Shoes cloakroom There are about two quires of shoes cloakrooms. A shelf is rich in operation in a wall surface.

Shoes cloakroom As it is a movable shelf, adjustment is possible to a use.

The second-floor south side Western-style room There is area of about Article 7. There are two quires of walk-in closets.

The the second-floor Northeast side Western-style room It becomes about six quires of Western-style rooms.

The the second-floor Northeast side Western-style room It becomes the floor of the calm color.

The study The use is possible as a walk-in closet.

Colonnade of the upper entrance

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