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1, Fukuta, Minato-ku


The appearance 3SLDK Newly-Built HOUSE of the May, 2022 completion. The plottage has a certain space area more than 32 tsubos, and the car space (by the car model) is found, too.

The appearance The outskirts are the Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District which a single-family house compares with. It is accessible to 8-minute walk, Aonami Line "Kohoku" Station by bus to the nearest "Shichitanno" bus stop.

Front road The Location which is nice in a 4-minute walk and the child care household to a 5-minute walk, the park to the elementary school. The shopping facilities such as supermarkets are prepared within the range of a 10-minute walk and are good house environment of the convenience.

The whole division figure The forming place of the plottage about 32.87 tsubo. The east side of the site is doing Abutting road. As I establish LDK and the Terrace on the building east side, refreshing sunlight arrives from morning.

LDK about 19.5 quires LDK is about 19.5 quires of spaciousness. It is good space of the ventilation by three lighting brightly. You can relax in family all of you slowly. It leads from a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room to Parking lot.

Kitchen In the work top of the kitchen, a clean white-collar is employed. The storing under the sink is a drawer type and is easy to take a back thing and the heavy thing, and efficient storing is possible. \\

Bathroom As the shower head with the slide bar is installed, I can use a shower by moderate height at the time of the bathing of the child. I can enjoy a half-length bath in a bench bathtub.

LDK about 19.5 quires As the kitchen is island kitchen counter, and there is not a hanging closet, I can look around the living room clearly. A washing face room is near a kitchen, and a housework line of flow is good. A gateway for a host which is convenient for Taking out garbage is in the west.

1st restroom In the restroom with the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user, it is available comfortably through one year. I put stock of the toilet paper in the back space, and I display a seasonal flower and accessory, and there is it.

Washstand I do the Dresser with the triple mirror. There is storage space on the bowl lower ・ mirror back, and the stock ・ washing face petty people such as linen ・ detergents are cleared up clearly.

About 5.2 quires of Western-style rooms It is the 2nd floor Northwest side Western-style room. As I withdraw and am the space of the calm atmosphere on a ceiling, it is recommended to the private room of the child. The western window begins to slide and, at a window, is easy to take in fresh air and promotes circulation of the air.

About 6.5 quires of service rooms It is the 2nd floor Southwest side service room. A closet is installed, and the use as the living room is possible, too. It is multipurpose, usable rooms of a telework room or training space.

About 6.5 quires of Western-style rooms It is the 2nd floor Southeast side Western-style room. Comings and goings are possible in Terrace. Asahi comes in through the window for sweeping the dirt out of a room of the east side, and comfortable morning is reached.

About five quires of Western-style rooms It is a Western-style room on the 2nd floor Northeast side. Each Western-style room divides it in two and, for a type, can spend private time slowly.

2nd floor restroom The restroom is established in two places of the 1.2 floor. In morning crowded time and visitor, it is available without being upset by night.

The entrance The shoes box is with large mirror and can check an appearance before the outing. On the counter, I can display a favorite photograph and accessory.

Fukuda Elementary School (about 350m)

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