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1, Kaigamori, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Land


The local appearance 2020/12/28 shooting

Western front road 2019/08/24 shooting

The local appearance 2020/12/28 shooting

The appearance 2020/12/28 shooting

Miyagi consumers' cooperative Kaigamori store (about 530m) A 7-minute walk

Senzan Line "Tohoku Fukushi Univ. Station" (about 550m) A 7-minute walk

SEIYU Yahata-cho store (about 2,010m) A 25-minute walk

Sunkus Kunimigaoka, Aoba store (about 1,210m) A 16-minute walk

Seven-Eleven 1, Kunimi, Sendai store (about 580m) An 8-minute walk

Seria Aramaki shop (about 1,370m) A 17-minute walk

Lawson Sendai Nakayama four orders eyes shop (about 1,310m) A 17-minute walk

FamilyMart 2, Yahata, Sendai store (about 1,490m) A 19-minute walk

Viva Home Aramaki shop (about 1,290m) A 17-minute walk

Kaigamori Chuo Park (about 260m) A 4-minute walk

Kaigamori skin department (about 530m) A 7-minute walk

Kunimidai Hospital (about 850m) A 11-minute walk

77 Bank Kunimi Branch (about 1,210m) A 15-minute walk

77 Bank Yahata Branch (about 2,100m) A 27-minute walk

Kaigamori, Sendai post office (about 840m) A 11-minute walk

Sendai Nakayama post office (about 1,620m) A 21-minute walk

Kaigamori, Sendai civic center (about 370m) A 5-minute walk

Sendai City Kunimi elementary school (about 1,020m) A 13-minute walk

The Sendai City first junior high school (about 1,680m) A 21-minute walk

York Benimaru new Aramaki shop (about 1,810m) A 23-minute walk

ウジエスーパー Nakayama shop (about 1,560m) A 20-minute walk

Satoh & Co. Aramaki shop (about 1,420m) An 18-minute walk

Sun Mali Kunimi store (about 1,170m) A 15-minute walk

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