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New Price Arc Heim Higashitotsuka

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance Mansion of the Exclusive area 60.32 square meters 3LDK

LDK (about 11.2 quires) I open the door of about 6.0 quires of Western-style rooms adjacent to LDK about 11.2 quires and on earth can do it in the space.

Kitchen It is island kitchen counter to be able to enjoy a conversation while cooking.

Washstand The Dresser is three mirrors which had storing and usability.

Bathroom With bathroom dryer, the bathroom inner airing is possible on the rainy season and a rainy day, too.

Restroom It is a restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user available comfortably. A hanging closet is established, and the storing is abundant, too.

LDK (about 11.2 quires) I arrive to Southeast, and exposure to the sun is good.

LDK (about 11.2 quires) It is LDK about 11.2 quires and about 6.0 quires of Plan with the adjacent Western-style room which on earth are available.

LDK (about 11.2 quires) It is the design of a house that the communication of a family spending time in living and the person working in a kitchen is easy to take.

Kitchen It is with Dishwasher and dryer. I can handle clearing easily, too.

Western-style room (about 5.3 quires) It is provided with a closet and can use a residential space clearly.

Western-style room (about 5.3 quires) As it is simple interior, I harmonize with the furniture of various tastes.

Western-style room (about 4.4 quires) I secure storage space in all rooms.

Western-style room (about 4.4 quires) It is simple and is finished to be able to use it to a hobby.

Western-style room (about six quires) It is the Western-style room which can be released in Terrace. I can just store busy laundry in a closet.

Western-style room (about six quires) At the time of sliding door closing

Western-style room (about six quires) At the time of sliding door opening

Terrace It is the good Terrace per positive in Southeast Orientation.

The entrance It comprises the shoes box of the float type. Floor is felt to be wide and can perform the cleaning easily, too.

The entrance Reform Complete indoor in February, 2024. You can live without minding the life sound to the lower floor for a 1st dwelling unit.



Entrance I can live with an important pet (there is detailed regulations).

Parking lot

Bicycle parking lot

Motorcycle place

Front road It is a range to the super ・ convenience store in an 8-minute walk. A park and the elementary school are recommended to the child care household soon, too.

Six Kawanishi Elementary School (about 420m)

Mutsukawa Junior High School (about 650m)

そうてつ Rosen Mutsukawa store (about 530m)

FamilyMart six Kawanishi shop (about 600m)

The best doctor's office (about 610m) in Totsuka

Mutsukawa, Yokohama post office (about 360m)

3, Mutsukawa park (about 340m)

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Surrounding map

Address 1, Hirado, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap