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New Price Maeda HEIGHTS Building No. 5

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance Reinforced Concrete, 5 stories above the ground Top Floor 5th floor part, Exclusive area 66.48 square meters, 3DK. Exposure to the sun is good for Facing South.

The appearance There are shopping facilities around super ・ convenience store ・ drugstores and is the house environment that is convenient for everyday life.

The appearance For interior Renovated, you can just begin new life.

Dining kitchen (about six quires) A Western-style room is adjacent and by making a sliding door open, is available as about 12 quires of space.

Dining kitchen (about six quires) You give glory to favorite interior and can make the space of restful healing with a family.

Dining kitchen (about six quires) I can go in and out of Western-style room two rooms from DK.

Kitchen It is a clean kitchen based on white. Abundant storage space is established in the lower upper kitchen ・.

Kitchen There is a built-in water purifier and is available for the ・ cooking use for the drink.

Bathroom It is provided with a big window and can be relaxed relaxedly in space full of a feeling of opening

Washstand The Dresser is three mirrors which had storing and usability.

Restroom It is a restroom with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user available comfortably.

Western-style room (about six quires of south side) It is the Western-style room which can be released in Terrace. I can just store busy laundry in a closet.

Western-style room (about six quires of south side) It is the Western-style room where calm sunlight comes in through Facing South Terrace.

Western-style room (about eight quires) Even if about eight quires of Western-style rooms put a bed, I am able to afford. It is available as master bedroom.

Western-style room (about eight quires) I am faced with Terrace, and exposure to the sun is good. As a closet is with it, the storing of clothes and the accessory item is possible, too.

Western-style room (about six quires of Northwest side) As it is simple interior, I harmonize with the furniture of various tastes.

Western-style room (about six quires of Northwest side) Each Western-style room has area of a space in 6.0 quires or more.

Terrace It is Terrace with the hanging the washing hardware.

View from Terrace On a fine day, I can expect an opening-like view.

Closet The functional closet can hold clothes in beautiful Status.

Closet A hanger pipe can hang clothes. There is a pillow shelf and I classify accessories and am packable.

Storeroom of the Terrace The Terrace has a storeroom.

The entrance I can store shoes clearly, and a feeling of life seems to be controlled.

The entrance It is connected for crime prevention-related improvement because I can confirm a face and the voice of the visitor without opening the door of the entrance with the intercom with the TV monitor.

Building No. 5 entrance It is an entrance.

Parking lot It is Parking lot.

Parking lot It is Parking lot.

Bicycle parking lot It is a bicycle parking lot.

Garbage depot It is a garbage depot.

Upper part of a river Elementary School (about 440m)

Akiba Junior High School (about 880m)

Olympics Higashitotsuka store (about 540m)

Lawson ・ Three F Higashitotsuka store (about 60m)

Big A Kawakamicho, Yokohama store (about 320m)

Higashitotsuka clinic (about 80m)

Kazahaya internal medicine clinic (about 300m)

Maetamachi Park (about 200m)

Floor plan
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Surrounding map

Address Maedacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap