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The Nic Heim Hodogaya third

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance It is Reinforced Concrete, a 4 stories above the ground 2nd floor part, exclusive area 63.53 square meters, Plan of the 3LDK.

The appearance For interior Renovated, you can just begin new life.

LDK (about 13.5 quires) LDK where families gather has good sun in Southeast Orientation.

LDK (about 13.5 quires) You put a favorite dining table and sofa and can relax.

Kitchen It is a clean kitchen based on white. Abundant storage space is established in the lower upper kitchen ・.

Kitchen The step is easy to raid the gap with a few fluent shape, too.

Bathroom A convenient bathroom dryer includes it.

Washstand There is storing under the bowl and can store towel ・ cosmetics

Restroom It is a restroom based on clean white. It is easy simple interior of the cleaning.

Western-style room (about 6.4 quires) It is a living room placed the closet.

Closet The functional closet can hold clothes in beautiful Status.

Western-style room (about 6.4 quires) In the living room facing the Terrace, bright sunlight comes in.

Western-style room (about 5.2 quires) It is easy all rooms flooring specifications of the cleaning.

Closet It is a living room placed the closet.

Western-style room (about 5.2 quires) As it is simple interior, I harmonize with the furniture of various tastes.

Western-style room (about 3.9 quires) It is a living room of the simple interior based on white.

Western-style room (about 3.9 quires) There is a window in all living rooms in spite of condominium, and even as to ventilation is a nice design let alone lighting.

Terrace It is Terrace with the hanging the washing hardware.

View from Terrace It is a view from Terrace.

The entrance Shoes Bock of the float type can use floor widely.

The entrance The intercom with the TV monitor is adopted and supports a safe living.

Parking lot It is Parking lot.

Bicycle parking lot It is a bicycle parking lot.

Entrance There is a security camera, and the security side is reliable, too.

Front road It is a front road.

Front road It is a front road.

Boundary tree elementary school (about 340m)

Boundary tree junior high school (about 250m)

Summit store Gontazaka SQUARE shop (about 410m)

Lawson 1, Gontazaka store (about 350m)

Yokohama Hirato post office (about 820m)

3, Gontazaka park (about 390m)

Floor plan
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Surrounding map

Address 3, Hirado, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap