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The livre garden 7, Oguradai second


Is going to be completed January, 2022; "Building No. 1"

It is all two among buildings

Front road

Aerial photograph

Aerial photograph

Chiba Urban Monorail "Oguradai" Station (about 500m) A 7-minute walk

Oguradai Elementary School (about 550m)

Wakamatsu Junior High School (about 1,300m)

しょうかーご (about 950m)

Oguradai police box (about 650m)

MOS Burger (about 750m)

Oguradai post office (about 600m)

Freshness retail market 1,000 castle (about 190m)

Chiba Bank Chishirodai Branch (about 400m)

Azuma Chiba police station (about 700m)

Spring kindergarten (about 280m)

Maeda dermatology (about 350m)

Dr. Oguradai Fukuda's office (about 350m)

Chishirodai community center (about 1,300m)

イコアス (about 1,400m)

Sejm's Kogura-cho store (about 800m)

Chiba Kogyo Bank Oguradai Branch (about 700m)

Row of trees animal hospital (about 650m)

Dispensing pharmacy (about 350m)

Oguradai Park (about 700m)

Lawson Chishirodaikita store (about 800m)

JR Sobu Main Line "Tsuga" Station (about 3,000m) JR line transfer station

Yotsukaido Tokushukai Hospital (about 1,100m)

Kashiwado clinic (about 650m)

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Surrounding map

Address 7, Oguradai, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba > GoogleMap