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Park House Horinouchi, Suginami

Condominium Unit

The appearance photograph * Because of Southeast Corner Unit, the ・ view per positive is good.

LDK about 14.9 quires * Exposure to the sun is good because of 0 TES warm water Floor heaters (living ・ dining part) 0 Facing South with the security window sensor 

LDK about 14.9 quires * TES warm water type Floor heaters (living ・ dining part) 

Kitchen * With one 0 clean water type shower faucet 0 glass TOP cooker 0 software closer function with the tableware washing machine

LDK about 14.9 quires ※It is "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared, and the image is a little different from the fact in CG based on the real room photograph and a floor plan.

About 6.2 quires of Western-style rooms * 0 crime prevention window sensors having good exposure to the sun about two lighting of the South ・ East 

About 6.2 quires of Western-style rooms * 0 full-scale wall surface storing is errands very neatly 

Bathroom * It is a 0 automatic bus with the button for the floor 0 emergency bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function 0 thermos bathtub 0 barrier-free specifications 0 nicely

Washing stand * The back of the triple mirror storing 0 scagliola counter TOP

Restroom * There is 0 upper part hanging closet ・ hand-washing counter lower part storing with the button for 0 emergencies that there is tankless restroom 0 hand-washing counter 0 handrail in

Intercom with television monitor * SECOM security system (life Eye)

The corridor ・ entrance * Lighting with a feeling of 0 shoe closet sensor

The corridor ・ entrance * The entrance door with earthquake proofing entrance door 0 automatic security system 0 special steel sheet

Shoe closet * A stroller and the golf bag enter, too (by the maker ・ model)

View from Terrace * An authority of east side view 0 exposure to the sun ・ style is good

View from Terrace * The authority of 0 exposure to the sun ・ style which western view 0 Mount Fuji can overlook (depends on the weather) is good

Mansion entrance * Automoatic lock 0 security system (life Eye) 0 delivery to home box

Mailbox ・ delivery to home box

Parking lot * Plane-type Parking lot

Bicycle parking lot * I can run in it than Mansion north side gate (there is a security camera)

Bicycle parking lot

Mansion tablet

Garbage depot * Garbage disposal is possible for 24 hours.

Summit marvelous law of Buddha Teramae shop (about 260m)

TSUKASA Wada, Suginami store (about 500m)

FamilyMart 3, Horinouchi store (about 350m)

Wada, Suginami post office (about 450m)

Kosei Hospital (about 550m)

The appearance photograph * Southeast Corner Unit 0 double flooring double ceiling

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