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7, Jindaijihigashimachi, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

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The appearance photograph It is a residence nestling in the opening-like corner lot.

The appearance photograph The bright design design which adopted blowing through skillfully.

The entrance The bright entrance space with the natural lighting.

LDK The living that a lot of lighting sides are spirited.

LDK It becomes the CG machined furniture placement image based on a local indoor photograph.

LDK It is dining that there is a window in the East ・ room open to the south and can take breakfast comfortably.

LDK An eco-carat is decorated by a wall surface. Domestic pleasure of home life is the Plan design that is easy to be born for living in stairs.

LDK The living that a lot of lighting sides are spirited.

Terrace Terrace facing the living. A meal and the child the outdoors are available in the idle space.

I see the living room from the kitchen Living space to be able to look around from the counter.

System kitchen It is the kitchen which a dishwasher and floor lower storing are easy to ventilate with convenience.

Kitchen space It is the kitchen circumference easy to use brightly.

Storage space of the kitchen side (stairs bottom) It is available as pantry and living storing usefully.

Powder room The washing face space that there is natural lighting, and is bright.

Bathroom It is the bathroom with the bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function ・ additional heating window with a function.

Tankless restroom The rest room with the hand-washing faucet ・ window with a counter.

The the second-floor Southeast side Western-style room It is a bright room of with walk-in closet & closet.

The the second-floor Southeast side Western-style room It is the master bedroom which is easy to spend time of two lighting.

The south side Terrace It is the Facing South Terrace which exposure to the sun has good.

The second-floor north side Western-style room It is the north side, but is a room having good sun.

The second-floor north side Western-style room It is a meter to mount while I adopted outside stairwell and borrowed light by three lighting well.

The north side Terrace and stairwell I play an important role to take in natural light in the room.

The north side Terrace It is space of positive α which the roof of the Parking lot served as.

The Southwest side Western-style room It is a room facing the deep Facing South Terrace.

The back of the hut storing The back of the hut space with about 4.6 quires of window ・ lighting spreads out when it goes up the stairs.

State of the south side in the site I get space between the adjoining land, and exposure to the sun is good.

The entrance The reliable design that a small child does not jump out on a road.

Parking space The parking space which there is not a joint ownership wall and is easy to go in and out of between adjoining land.

Front road Cityscape of Sumitomo Realty & Development original developer "Court hills Jindaiji."

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