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4, Kichijojikitamachi, Musashino-shi HOUSE

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The appearance I stand still in the corner lot and am opening-like adjacency. I carry out repair construction of the outer wall ・ roof ・ waterproofing in 2018.

It is the LD with the lighting side in the southeast ・ Southwest The bright living space that takes in natural lighting. Two windows for sweeping the dirt out of a room on the Southwest side are Low-E Pair glass.

Living and dining room I put furniture by CG processing based on a real local photograph. Please see it as a reference example of the placement.

Living and dining room It is the living space with the bay window facing the wide Terrace which exposure to the sun has good.

Bay window of the living I can expect a certain green scenery like Musashino outside the window. I can watch the figure that a child goes to school from living.

Living and dining room I put wall paper neatly in May, 2019 and change it.

Independence kitchen space with a bay window and the skylight I change a gas ring in November, 2011. There is a deep kitchen drawer of the depth separately.

Skylight of the kitchen space By an effect of studding and the natural lighting, an unsociable impression is reduced in spite of stand-alone kitchen space. The profundity that what comes out in the lower right is usable like pantry is a door of the storing that there is.

Washing stand It is the independent washing stand of the triple mirror type changed newly in 2014.

Bathroom It is the modular bath with the bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function ・ additional heating window with a function. Bright light comes in by borrowed light from Mansion in the road facing in the daytime in a bathroom.

Rest room It is the rest room which there is a window and is easy to ventilate.

The third-floor east side Western-style room It is the bright room that natural light inserts according to the photograph to the depths of the room. An authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good in a bay window and two openings of the window for sweeping the dirt out of a room. The window for sweeping the dirt out of a room becomes the Low-E Pair glass.

Terrace It overlooks the wide blue sky and is a certain open feeling bright Terrace. It is tarpaulin repair enforcement finished in 2018.

View from Terrace Bright solar light comes in brightly.

The third-floor western Western-style room It is the bright room that natural light inserts according to the photograph to the depths of the room.

The third-floor western Western-style room The lighting from a skylight is a certain room where storing capacity is relatively large, too.

Skylight of the the third-floor Southwest side Western-style room Even a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room is bright, but is the design that the skylight takes the natural lighting that there is in from this. It leads to spatial area.

The first-floor Western-style room It is 1st, but is the exposure to the sun condition of the street of the photograph by two lighting.

The first-floor storeroom There is two places of storing to include, and closet size to be depth is the space that can use two for the lighting side like the Japanese-style room which there is.

The entrance The consideration that private space is not seen in for a start of shooting design from the door is done. In addition, borrowed light of the Mansion of the road facing comes in although facing north and is brightness as seen.

A roof and the outer wall which were repaired in 2018 Maintenance repair of the exterior to protect a building from wind and rain is done. Gentle borrowed light from Mansion of the road facing comes in through the north side window in a building.

The entrance Depth is deep, and, as for the storing of the entrance, there is the storing that a jacket is hung separately other than shoes box appearing in the photograph.

The opening which leads from the entrance to a garage There is an opening to be able to carry in a building without getting wet with baggage.

Built-in garage Let alone a person having a privately-owned car, it is the space that the person who does not have it can use for the multi-purposes such as bicycle parking or a storeroom.

Built-in garage It is useful space protecting a car and a bicycle, a stroller of the possession from rain.

The appearance and front road In the front road, comparative width is wide, and road facing has good prospect for sidewalk-formed vacant land; of the car is easy to go in and out.

The appearance and front road There is a sidewalk-formed open space accessible to anyone of the Mansion of the Northeast branch road road facing, and there is a feeling of opening.

Front road There is the open feeling of the road + sidewalk form vacant land, and there is the making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden of the planting given again in a Mansion site.

The appearance Exposure to the sun is good for the southeast road ・ Southwest side neighboring land passage.

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