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Co-Com (COCOM)

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance From Shimo-Kitazawa Station a location of a 5-minute walk. It is located in the quiet residential area.

The appearance This Properties is the second-floor Southwest Corner Unit.

Entrance There is an Automoatic lock ・ delivery to home box.

Living It is bright living of the south side.



Kitchen It is with a water purifier, a tableware washing machine.

Kitchen There is a cupboard in the back.

Cupboard It is a storing-rich cupboard. There is the storage space of the trash box, too.

Counter storing

Bathroom A dryer is with a bathroom.

Washing stand It is the washstand which width has to spare.

Restroom A tankless restroom. I am belonging to a bathroom.

Western-style room (about 8.5 quires) A possible counter is for the telework. Storing is with a drawer.

Western-style room (about 8.5 quires)

Service space (about 5.9 quires) It is air-conditioner setting finished.


Living storing

Shoes ink roque It is shoes ink Rourke of the storing-rich entrance side.

Terrace Artificial turf construction is done.

Email corner There is a delivery to home box.

Automoatic lock It is the intercom with the monitor.

Common use stairs This Properties is the second-floor part.

Passage in the site Cleaning is perfect.

Bicycle parking lot It is the bicycle parking lot with the roof. The fee for use: Monthly basis 300 yen

Common use Sky garden The roof becomes the common use space.

The front part of Properties road The front is a road with a little traffic.

Shimokitazawa south exit mall (about 120m) There is a mall from Properties to a 2-minute walk.

Odakyu Line ・ Keio Inokashira Line "Shimokitazawa" Station (about 450m) The photograph is Central Exit wicket. Southwest mouth examination of tickets of the Odakyu Line is the most gathering to this Properties.

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Surrounding map

Address 5, Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo > GoogleMap