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Edacho HOUSE


The appearance From morning to the evening, it is a residence having good exposure to the sun

Living and dining room LDK is about 27.5 quires

LD (Vacant reform image) ※It is "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared, and the image is a little different from the fact in CG based on the real room photograph and a floor plan.

Kitchen It is the kitchen of the independent type. There is pantry adjacent to floor lower storing and the kitchen

Bathroom Extensive bathroom is with a bathroom ventilation drying heating machine on an automatic bus function

Japanese-style room It is the space of the tasteful sum

Living and dining room Living and dining room part

Living and dining room Dining part

Living and dining room Good living and dining room per positive

Living and dining room The the first-floor window for sweeping the dirt out of a room part shutter is an electric type

State of the garden It is an extensive well-kept garden

State of the garden Excellent colored leaves more than 100 years years old are in the garden


View from the second floor It is an atmosphere harking back to the villa ground


The entrance approach

The entrance

Hall ・ corridor I get storage space well and am usable widely

The first-floor washing face The Dresser of the double bowl is convenient all the time

Japanese-style room It is next to two lighting, living

Japanese-style room

Chuo Western-style room (seven quires) Seven quires of Western-style rooms of the Western-style room of the next room connect it, and can use it as the second living (for the construction cost required)

Chuo Western-style room (seven quires) The ・ ventilation ・ per positive is good.

The second-floor Terrace The extensive Terrace can go in and out of all the second-floor Western-style rooms

The appearance The building is maintained appropriately

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Surrounding map

Address Edacho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap