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ERIM Kasugacho Park Tower

Condominium Unit

The appearance photograph 19 stories above the ground Landmark Tower Mansion. The facilities in the hall such as a supermarket or a cafe, a library are enriched, too.

Living (there is CG furniture) As for the image, CG composed a placement example of the furniture ・ furniture in the real room. The furniture is not included in sales price.

Living (Vacant reform image) ※It is "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared, and the image is a little different from the fact in CG based on the real room photograph and a floor plan.

View from Terrace A view is good. You can enjoy the night view, too. In addition, I can see the Skytree, too (depends on the weather)

View You can enjoy the night view, too. It can overlook the Skytree in the Southeast direction (depends on the weather)

Living and dining room (model furniture setting) Under home staging enforcement (setting furniture and the lighting equipment are not included in sales price)

Terrace Wide span Terrace.

Western-style room (about 4.0 quires) It is available as both a residential space and storage space.

Western-style room (about 4.5 quires) The space with the open feeling is born by connecting it with living by a reform.

View from Terrace A view is good. You can enjoy the night view, too. In addition, I can see the Skytree, too (depends on the weather)

Western-style room (about 4.5 quires) Other than living, you can enjoy a view from all living rooms.

Western-style room (about 6.2 quires) I can go in and out of Terrace from master bedroom. You can enjoy the night view from the room, too.

Kitchen The system kitchen of the 2WAY line of flow. It is the design that cooking space is large, and is convenient. In addition, the storage space is enriched, too.

Washing stand The mirror is big, too, and the storage space is enriched, too.

Corridor There is an intercom with television monitor.

The entrance It is the design that it is hard to be able to see the room from a common use corridor.

The entrance You air-condition it for an inner corridor design and are managed and can spend even a part for common use comfortably.

Entrance Entrance approach

Entrance The Automoatic lock ・ touch reply key to relief adoption with.


Delivery to home box There is convenient home delivery box in the absence.

Bicycle parking lot A good regime by Mitsui Fudosan Residential Service Co., Ltd.

The appearance photograph (aerial photography) The Landmark Tower Mansion of a 1-minute walk from Oedo Line "Nerimakasugacho" Station.

Municipal Nerima junior high school (about 710m) It is a range in a 10-minute walk.

Municipal Nerima elementary school (about 340m) It is a range in a 5-minute walk.

Toei Oedo Line "Nerimakasugacho" Station Exit A2 (about 70m) The nearest entrance is Exit A3 (a 1-minute walk from about 40m ・).

Summit Nerimakasugacho store (about 10m) There is a summit in the Mansion basement and is convenient for shopping.

Welpark Co., Ltd. Nerimakasugacho store (about 110m) There is a drugstore on the road meeting side and is a location with high life convenience.

Lawson 3, Kasugacho, Nerima store (about 70m) It is on the "Nerimakasugacho" Station Exit A2 side.

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Surrounding map

Address 5, Kasugacho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo > GoogleMap