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Minamiyama, Komenokicho, Nisshin-shi HOUSE


Living space A fireplace of the equipping lets you feel warmth

Living space It is the space that the feel of a material that spread natural marble all over about 34 quires of extensive living rooms is high in

Home theater Facilities Movie viewing is possible with big-screen screen

Diving pool By the opening and shutting of the window, it is available as a pool out of the room

Deck space Sunlight comes in through the deck where the fresh green shines in

Dining space It is dining of three full opening. It is a honest impression based on white.

System kitchen made in VIKING company It comprises large コンベック and a cooker ・ grill, a dishwasher

System kitchen made in VIKING company I adopt popular Facilities as a high-quality kitchen in the United States

Restroom space for the guest It is the bathroom for the guest and the large space that I integrated

Bathroom for the guest made in caller company A bathtub made in the U.S. provincial shrine and the harmony of the natural marble are beautiful bathrooms

Open jacuzzi It is making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden to expect the fresh green from a stone jacuzzi

Sweating room I keep a sweating room on the opening jacuzzi back

Main bathroom The main bathtub is Facilities with high feel of a material of the caller company product like a guest, too

Main bathroom The window of the sweeping out size is big and is the bathroom of the bright impression

Main bathroom view Making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden from the bathtub that the coloration of the inner wall is beautiful

Main restroom space I use big natural marble of the getting out limit

Powder room It is a wide dressing table with a double bowl type

About 9.1 quires of sum tea-ceremony rooms It is the tea-ceremony room where the flooring which treated Rosewood shines in

The sum tea-ceremony room storing Please use it as storage space such as tea sets

Training space I have a variety of how to use such as a gym or dancing

The second-floor bedroom ・ study The study errand is a done room, too. I expect the fresh green from a window

The second-floor bedroom All the second-floor bedrooms are a certain more than 16 space space

The second-floor bedroom

Entrance hall on the first floor It is an opening-like hall of the studding.

Entrance hall It is an entrance hall feeling area of the opening-like space of the studding

The second-floor hall The tree of sash is artistic, and a positive comes in through a skylight

Home elevator It is elevatable from the floor under the ground to the second floor

Entrance The tree of bench and dwelling unit door of the board further creates natural taste

Entrance prev approach It is the approach that is remote ハイダウェイ from the noise

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