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Katakura stand housing complex 3 block Building No. 4

Condominium Unit

The appearance [Katakura stand housing complex 3 block Building No. 4] It is an 8-minute walk to Yokohama Shiei Subway Blue Line "Katakuracho" Station. A supermarket and a convenience store are prepared within the range of a 5-minute walk. It is the house environment that is convenient for sudden shopping.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] It is a dwelling unit located in the Top Floor of 5 stories above the ground. It is hard to be worried about eyes from the outside and is relaxing relaxedly.

DK ・ Japanese-style room [DK] It is adjacent through a sliding door with the adjacent Japanese-style room, and on earth the use is possible as extensive space by leaving a door open.

DK ・ Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (Southeast side)] It is a Japanese-style room becoming the main space of the life. A window is installed in the Southeast side and is the bright space that asahi inserts.

DK ・ Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (Southeast side)] It is located in the Top Floor and is the good room of the ventilation. In family all of you, you can relax relaxedly.

DK ・ Japanese-style room [DK] Sunlight fully comes in through a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room on the Southeast side. I seem to be able to enjoy cooking in bright space.

DK ・ Japanese-style room [DK] It is the simple interior that grain of wood of the flooring shines in. It is congenial to various interior and can enjoy selection of favorite dining table and chair.

Kitchen [kitchen] The kitchen of the wall charge account type is adopted. I seem to be able to share fun time with the family who is in dining and the adjacent Japanese-style room while cooking.

Kitchen [kitchen] An unhurried work top and sink are attractive. For a wall charge account type, I can wipe it off quickly even if I do an oil splash in the case of deep-fried food and a fry-up.

Kitchen [kitchen] The wall charge account kitchen which gives a feeling of opening. As storage space is established in the upper part, the lower sink, you can receive a kitchen utensil and tableware.

Washing face [washing face room] It is clean Dresser unified with white. There is storage space under the bowl and is useful for the storage such as toiletries or daily necessities.

Restroom [restroom] It is one hand-washing device type restroom. It is simple interior based on white. There is the window which is available for natural ventilation.

Bathroom [bathroom] As a window is established in bathroom, not only I adopt natural light and put it, but also can ventilate it naturally.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (Southwest side)] It is a room with high independency in the Access from the entrance hall. You can spend the private time carefully.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (north side)] It is available as housework space. It is provided with a closet and can store seasonal household appliances or futon.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (north side)] The Japanese-style room where it is easy to keep an eye on from dining kitchen is convenient as an amusement place and nap space of the child. It can inflect in a multi-purpose to a lifestyle.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (north side)] I can go in and out of a corridor, a Japanese-style room on the Southeast side. I put it together in a lifestyle and the scene and can inflect in flexible.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (north side)] A room with a wooden floor is established. It is useful to put a thing with the weight including a piano and the chest.

Storing [closet] The closet which can hold futon is established. As there is the wall shelf, I can put the thing which I do not want to add or the album of the memory away on the hats.

Expenses Expenses of the corridor which they take off a parting strip, and the cleaning tools with the height can hold

Terrace The Terrace which three rooms face

View View from DK

View View from a Japanese-style room

The entrance The Few entrance of the step

The entrance The stylish entrance door

Common area Common area

Bicycle parking lot Bicycle parking lot

Park Park

Park Park

Katakuracho Station (Yokohama Shiei Subway Blue Line) (about 570m) An 8-minute walk. It is accessible to the Azamino area, the Shonandai area. An available baby sheet is installed in a multipurpose restroom for wheelchair and the diaper substitute.

You Coop Katakura shop (about 270m) A 4-minute walk.

Katakura, Yokohama post office (about 600m) An 8-minute walk.

Circle elementary school (about 540m) out of Yokohama City Univ. A 7-minute walk.

Yokohama City Rokukakubashi junior high school (about 1,300m) A 17-minute walk.

5-story Top Floor. It is a Southeast Orientation dwelling unit having good ventilation ・ view. To Terrace, I can go in and out of two rooms. It is arranged three rooms, and a Japanese-style room is a calm atmosphere. Storing is established in the everywhere.
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Surrounding map

Address 1, Katakura, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap