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Wakabadai housing complex 2-7 Building

Condominium Unit

The appearance [the appearance] It is the Tower Building of 4 dwelling units in 1 floor. It is a location suitable for the child care that can go to the elementary school ・ junior high school ・ park ・ supermarket without going along the road.

View [view from the south side Terrace] I can look at building group of Yokohama Station and can expect fireworks such as the Yokohama opening of a port festival from a room. (it depends on weather)

View [view from about 4.5 quires] A view is good for a Top Floor dwelling unit! The green such as cherry blossoms spreads under eyes and can live a life while feeling a season.

Bathroom [bathroom] It is bathroom with a history of the reform in around 2019. There is wall surface storing well.

Kitchen [kitchen] I remodel it in around 2019. A dishwasher is installed, and an everyday dish-washer takes the ease markedly.

Washstand [washstand] It is the restroom with the handrail ・ warm water washing function. A hanging closet is on and can store a cleaning tool or toilet paper.

The entrance [the entrance] As the stairs in front of the entrance use only 2 dwelling units, I can follow privacy.

Entrance [entrance] The entrance where a mailbox and an elevator are installed in. As the entrance door becomes the automatic door, did shopping a lot, returning can enter smoothly.

Motorcycle place [motorcycle place] For a motorcycle place belonging to a roof, I can keep a favorite car carefully.

Bicycle parking lot [bicycle parking lot] For a bicycle parking lot belonging to a roof, the getting on and off of time when it drizzled and the summer hot day becomes easy.

City park in the site [city park in the site] City park is set up in the site, and it comes to feel nature to be routinely. As the city park leads to a park or elementary school ・ junior high school ・ super, I can move without going along the road.

Ito-Yokado Wakabadai store (about 360m) A 5-minute walk.

HAC drug Wakabadai store (about 360m) A 5-minute walk.

Seven-Eleven Iing Wakabadai housing complex contact open space store (about 440m) A 6-minute walk.

Wakabadai, Yokohama post office (about 500m) A 7-minute walk.

222 internal medicine clinics (about 150m) A 2-minute walk.

Yokohama City Wakabadai elementary school (about 780m) A 10-minute walk.

Yokohama City Wakabadai junior high school (about 1,200m) A 15-minute walk.

Mountain lily park (about 10m) A 1-minute walk.

Floor plan
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Surrounding map

Address 2, Wakabadai, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap