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QAS Yokohama colored leaves slope

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation Open house

The building appearance It is the Mansion of the location to be able to enjoy a season

State of the living and dining room It becomes about 19.4 quires of living and dining room when I integrate it with the room of 6.1 quires of Western-style rooms

State of the kitchen The open kitchen using the granite. A thing to block saves it yes, and there is a feeling of opening.

State of the washing face room Washing stand equipped with back of the triple mirror storing ・ bathroom scales space ・ front desk pocket ・ cloudy weather stopping heater

State of the restroom The shower tankless restroom which established the hand-washing counter with toilet

State of bathroom Automatic bus with the bathroom heating dryer which included a winter heating function and the summer cool breeze function

State of the kitchen

State of the kitchen I install the Diz Pau The which can process garbage on the spot

State of the kitchen Gas ring with various functions

State of the kitchen I shorten time for washing and hit a built-in dishwasher

State of 6.1 quires of Western-style rooms An independent living room is made when I do partitioning

Storing of 6.1 quires of Western-style rooms A walk-in closet is set up by each room. I can fully receive it.

State of six quires of service space

Storing of six quires of service space The walk-in closet which set up the shelf board which was available for height adjustment

State of seven quires of Western-style rooms

Storing of seven quires of Western-style rooms

State of the Terrace The Terrace which can go in and out of the two directions

State of the entrance I install slippers rack ・ umbrella stand rack in the entrance which set up large mirror, the dropping case

Entrance hall


View from Terrace I can enjoy each seasonal view from living let alone from Terrace

State of the entrance prev porch There is the escort porch which secured a private with a feeling of independence


Entrance prev


Parking lot entrance

The building appearance I can enjoy autumn colors in spring in cherry blossom viewing, the autumn

Mt. Kamon Park (about 25m)

Collett Male (about 480m)

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Address Momijigaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap

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