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The Yokohama colored leaves slope Residence third building

Condominium Unit

The Mansion appearance (the third building) It is 368 big community in the Building No.1 ・ Building No.2 ・ third building.

Living and dining room TES-type Floor heaters is laid.

Living and dining room It is living and dining room of the Southwest Orientation.

System kitchen Calm sink ・ disposer ・ 食器洗乾燥機 is attached, too.

Kitchen space It is the kitchen where the counter was arranged for on the back.

Terrace There is planting between neighboring land building, and Seki feels a season.

About 4.5 quires of Western-style rooms It is a Western-style room added to living.

About 4.5 quires of Western-style rooms It is connected to the living room by the sliding door.

About 6.8 quires of Western-style rooms It is a certain space master bedroom.

Washing face room It is the washing face space of the bright color.

Bathroom Thermos bathtub ・ is bathroom of floor specifications nicely.

Rest room Hand-washing space is a restroom with the arranged shower washing function, too.

Space in the entrance It is the space in the entrance where floor tile creates a calm atmosphere.

The Mansion appearance (the whole) The calm appearance that the appearance of the red brick-like brings on a solid feeling

Entrance gate It is entrance gate having formality.

The third building entrance appearance It is the entrance design of the calm atmosphere. I adopt a double auto-lock system.

Entrance hall (the third building) It is the entrance hall where calm color and iron work are impressive.

Lounge (the third building) An opening is greatly opening-like space.

Lounge (the third building) It is space of the rest available for wait.

Email corner There is the delivery to home box, too.

Community room (common use Building) The closed-door correspondence is the space that is available for a possible multi-use, too.

Guest room (the third building) There is the guest room of 2 patterns of the Japanese-style room ・ Western-style room.

Lounge (Building No.1) It is available as a place to talk about between residents.

Library (Building No.1) A place to talk about against a backdrop of fire to burn in the fireplace.

Concierge counter (Building No.1) Against a backdrop of the warmth of the tree, a concierge greets it at the counter which I directed with light and a stone.

The Mansion appearance (the third building) It is ・ Base Isolation Structure type Mansion old in November, 2011.

The front part of Mansion road sidewalk part The Mansion site front sidewalk where the change of the four seasons is felt

Prefectural library (about 200m)

Mt. Kamon Park (about 120m)

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Surrounding map

Address Momijigaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap