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Rei Shea Court Nagawara, Hirano river site ridge

Condominium Unit

The appearance photograph The house which lets you feel "Relaxation" (relaxation) "Elegance" (beauty) "Interest" (interest) "Comfortable" (comfortable) "Indicia" (sign) "Attraction" (charm).

The appearance photograph It is the future STAGE of 244 families whom "a generation lives for now" who can thoroughly enjoy villadom near rich Central Tokyo given naturally.

The appearance photograph

Entrance Among glass screen, I bring on an opening-like atmosphere brightly, and the mind that valued the symbiosis with the harmony ・ person with nature realizes a land plan to soften.

Common use space You can use the southeastern "open space of the rest" located at the corner casually as the space where a living person can touch you.

Parking lot It becomes 歩車分離設計 considering a safe line of flow establishing the doorway of the car ・ motorcycle and the doorway of the walker ・ bicycle separately.

Delivery to home box It is located in a clean lobby, and it is in full common use space only in the big community where 244 families live in.

Bicycle parking lot

Motorcycle depot

Parking lot


Duties supermarket plains store (about 550m)

Lawson 1, Nagayoshikawanabe store (about 500m)

The Yamato River (about 80m)

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Surrounding map

Address 4, Nagayoshinagaharanishi, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka > GoogleMap