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3, Gakuenminami, Tsukuba-shi HOUSE

Single-family Detached

The appearance photograph

The entrance door which is done of the entrance ventilation The entrance door which is done of the ventilation

Indoor state full of a feeling of LD quality of wood Indoor state full of a feeling of quality of wood

Sash of the living that all living opening is possible Sash of the living that all opening is possible

Kitchen of the kitchen island model island kitchen counter Kitchen of the island model island kitchen counter

Corner Unit facing the second-floor Western-style room 8.7 quires South and East It is Corner Unit facing the South and the East

Bathroom unhurried 1,618 types System unit bathroom

It is a washing face room laundry and space of the washing face It is a laundry and space of the washing face

There is a slit window and can ventilate the entrance door There is a slit window and seems to ventilate a door

State of the LDK dining kitchen Dining kitchen judging from living

Shelf on the storing dining side of the kitchen back

On seeing the dining kitchen living side On seeing the living side

Storing of the kitchen kitchen back Storing of the kitchen back

Kitchen range hood Range hood

Kitchen IH cooking heater IH cooking heater

Kitchen tableware washing dryer Dishwasher

Washstand of the washing face room Italy product I attach the washstand of the Italian product

Mirror of the washing face room Italy product Mirror of the Italian product

The counter circumference of the bathroom bathroom The counter circumference of the bathroom

Bathroom of 1,618 types of bathrooms Bathtub

State in the restroom restroom on the first floor State in the restroom

The first-floor 6-tatami Japanese-style room looks indoor Indoor state

State of the 6-tatami Japanese-style room Japanese-style room floor State of the Japanese-style room floor

State in the second-floor hall hall State in the hall

Wall with a tool for bouldering for the second-floor hall child The wall where I attached a tool for bouldering for the child to

About 13.5 quires of the second-floor Western-style rooms look indoor Changeable to two by partitioning (I need construction expenses)

Living beam list しの ceiling Beam list しの ceiling

State of the second-floor hall ridgepole State of the ridgepole

I see Terrace Katsuragi Elementary School on the second floor I see Katsuragi Elementary School from Terrace

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  • Price

    39,980,000 JPY

  • Location
    3, Gakuenminami, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki > surrounding map
  • Traffic
    18 minutes walk from Tsukuba Express Kenkyu-Gakuen Station
  • Property type
    Single-family Detached
  • Other expenses
  • Gross land area
  • Land area
  • The building year
    April, 2017 build (build three years)
  • Plan
  • Structure
    Wood Fame
  • A floor is based
    2 above the ground stories
  • Current status
  • Parking lot
  • Land right
  • Geography
    Building lot
  • Road frontage
    The Southwest side: Width about 6.0m (public road)
  • Usage area / Building coverage / Volume ratio
    First-class residential area/60%/200%
  • City Planning
    Area designated for urbanization
  • Delivery time / Time to move in
  • Transaction type
  • Update date
    August 12, 2019
  • Next update date
    August 26, 2019
  • Remarks
    ○There is Katsuragi district city planning


  • Nearby facilities

    Elementary school Katsuragi Elementary School 260m

    Junior high school Teshirogi Junior High School 300m

    Supermarket Kenkyugakuen store to take it, and not to do 1,300m

    Park ゆうひ park 230m

    Hospital Miyamoto internal medicine 360m

    Other facilities 1 E ass Tsukuba 1,200m

    Other facilities 2 Lawson Tsukuba Karima shop 920m

    Other facilities 3 Well Shea Kenkyugakuen, Tsukuba store 840m

  • Facilities
    Intercom, bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function working under double glazing (all sashes), island kitchen counter, garret storing, TV monitor
  • Parking lot
    Use of Parking lot is possible
  • Characteristics
    Order house

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surrounding map

Address 3, Gakuenminami, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki > GoogleMap